Genesis Crawler

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Mount Farming takes 1-3 weeks

Genesis Crawler Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Genesis Crawler Mount

To get the Genesis Crawler mount, follow a series of steps and complete a few quests. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you:

Obtain Sopranian Understanding

To access the Schematic Quests and Servitor Interface, you must obtain Sopranian Understanding. This can be obtained by completing The Final Song questline, which starts from the quest Finding Tahli.

Complete The Lost Component, A New Architect, and Schematic Reassimilation: Deathrunner quests

After completing The Final Song questline, you must wait for the daily reset and complete The Lost Component, A New Architect, and Schematic Reassimilation: Deathrunner quests.

Craft Protoform Synthesis

After completing these quests, you will receive Protoform Synthesis, which is required to craft the Genesis Crawler mount.

Obtain Schematic: Genesis Crawler

The first step is to obtain the Schematic: Genesis Crawler. This item drops from the Protoform Schematic in the Genesis Alcove in Zereth Mortis.

Complete Schematic Reassimilation: Genesis Crawler quest

Once you have the Schematic: Genesis Crawler, you can start the quest Schematic Reassimilation: Genesis Crawler. This quest requires you to learn the schematic of this mount at Protoform Synthesis Forge.

Gather the required materials

  1. Genesis Mote can be obtained by killing mobs in Zereth Mortis.
  2. Bauble of Pure Innovation can be found inside Exile’s Hollow, on Qie bed at /way 34.5 49.7.
  3. Tarachnid Lattice can be dropped by Mother Phestis, Tarachnid Eggs, and spider mobs inside the cave located at /way 56.1, 32.5.

Craft Genesis Crawler Mount

Finally, use Protoform Synthesis to craft the Genesis Crawler mount.