Glory of the Vault Raider Boost

The Glory of the Vault Raider was introduced in WoW Dragonflight expansion. To get this meta-achievement and all rewards associated with it you must run through Vault of Incarnates on any difficulty higher than LFR and complete different achievements during every boss encounter. As a reward, you get the first achievement which also rewards you with a Raging Magmammoth — a unique and cool-looking ground mount.

This Glory achievement  is very hard to complete if you don’t have a group of well-prepared and dedicated players that know their way around every boss fight and are up to the additional challenge. Even a professional player has to spend weeks of playtime in search of teammates and waste their time on countless tries.

Luckily, this problem can be avoided completely by buying the run from us! The fastest way to get your achievement and mount is to buy Glory of the Vault Raider service! Join our group and enjoy Glory of the Hero achievement and a Raging Magmammoth mount in just a few days with the help of our boosters!

Service Includes

  • Glory of the Vault Raider meta-achievement;
  • Raging Magmammoth mount;
  • Vault of the Incarnates raid run on Normal mode;
  • Up to 8 Vault of the Incarnates raid achievements;
  • Up to 8 specific boss kills in Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid;
  • Chance to get 493-502 ilvl gear during the group loot raid run;
  • Chance for Class Tier Set pieces;
  • Weekly Great Vault reward;
  • Chance for other rewards including gold, pets and titles.

You can choose either Glory Of The Vault Raider Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Glory Of The Vault Raider Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 7 days (168 hours).

Additional Options

Stream — watch the boss fighting process during account sharing.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

We are glad you have decided to buy our Glory of the Vault Raider offer! Here’s how to get your wins and prizes:

  1. When you end your cart buy, you’ll get a note from us and we’ll pick a time for your raid.
  2. At this point make sure you have active wow dragonflight subscription and you meet the raid requitements such as eu us regions.
  3. We’ll add you to our raid group, full of skilled gamers. You’ll learn about the raid steps and what you need to do.
  4. Jump into the Vault of Incarnates raid where our crew will help you get the the Glory of the Vault Raider.
  5. You can opt to view the raid live through our show online to see how it’s done right then and there.
  6. After the normal mode raid run, the Raging Magmammoth and all the achievements will be yours.

After Everything’s Done you can Tell us your thoughts so our good service keep providing even better gaming experience for players from all over the word!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Glory of the Vault Raider boost?

Here you can buy WoW Dragonflight expansion Glory of the Vault Raider boost. Our players will invite you to the raid group and clear the Vault of the Incarnates raid dungeon on Normal difficulty, by defeating bosses in a specific order and way and completing all the requirements for the meta-achievements. As a result, you will get the Glory of the Vault Raider meta-achievement, an ability to summon Raging Magmammoth mount, and the following achievements:

The VotI run will be done using the Group Loot distribution method. You will get all the loot that you’ll manage to win. We strive for complete customer satisfaction. Please contact our support if you are not satisfied with the raid experience to discuss any the problems!

How long does it take to get Glory of the Vault Raider boost?

The Glory of the Vault Raider boost takes 1 – 2 days, but the hardest part is scheduling. The run itself is relatively fast and won’t take longer than 2-3 hours. The size of the raid group can vary, but it is typically designed to meet the raid requirements effectively and ensure the achievement of all goals. Similar to the rest of our raid boosting services, your Glory of the Vault Raider carry will begin at the appointed time on both eu us servers. In order to find out the details and learn when you will be able to accomplish this, please refer to our Raid Schedule.

What other Glory Achievement Carries does Epiccary offer?

Raiding glories tend to become much easier as the game progresses. Right now, most of the Glory achievements are so simple that they can be done solo. However, this can’t be said for more recent additions: for example, all Glory achievements of the previous expansion, WoW Shadowlands are hard enough to still require a raid group. If you managed to miss out on any of those, we will gladly help you to get it for a reasonable price. Feel free to contact us if you’d like to add any of these Shadowlands Glory mounts to your collection:

  • Rampart Screecher mount — if you need a Glory of the Nathria Raider boost;
  • Hand of Hrestimorak mount — awarded for the Glory of the Dominant Raider achievement;
  • Simmering Aurelid mount — awarded for the Glory of the Sepulcher Raider achievement.

Being on the market of WoW boosting for a better part of a decade, we have a product for every single Glory achievement in the game. The service is designed to secure all required achievements in one complete run. However, should any issues arise, arrangements can be made to address specific needs. Feel free to check out our Raid achievements archive!

We value your feedback highly. Once the service is complete, you’re encouraged to tell us about your experience to help us improve our offerings for players globally.