Goblin Trike – 2 Mounts

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Goblin Trike Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Goblin Racial Mounts

The Goblin Racial Mounts can only be obtained by Horde players who are goblins or exalted with the Bilgewater Cartel. Here is a step-by-step guide to acquiring the Goblin Racial Mounts:

Step 1: Become a Goblin or reach Exalted with the Bilgewater Cartel

To purchase the Goblin Racial Mounts, you must either be a Goblin character or have achieved an Exalted reputation with the Bilgewater Cartel faction. You can increase your reputation with the Bilgewater Cartel by completing quests and turning in Bilgewater Cartel tabards during dungeons.

Step 2: Visit Kall Worthaton

Once you meet the requirements to purchase the Goblin Racial Mounts, you can buy them from Kall Worthaton, located in the Goblin Slums in Orgrimmar. He is a Trike Dealer, and you can find him by looking for his icon on the mini-map.

Step 3: Purchase the Goblin Racial Mounts

Goblin Racial Mounts can be purchased for just 11 gold from Kall Worthaton. Once you have the keys in your possession, it’s time to use them to summon your very own Goblin Trike mounts.