Human Heritage Armor

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Human Heritage Armor Boost Overview

Unlocking the esteemed Human Heritage Armor in World of Warcraft requires completing a unique questline designed specifically for Human characters. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the necessary requirements, the thrilling story behind the questline, and the rewards you’ll earn upon successful completion.

Human Heritage Questline Requirements

To embark on this exclusive journey, your character must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be a Human
  2. Be at least level 50
  3. Have Exalted reputation with Stormwind

Once you fulfill these requirements, head to Stormwind and find Master Matthias Shaw. He will offer you the quest “”An Urgent Matter”” to begin your adventure.

Human Heritage Questline Story

Master Matthias Shaw entrusts you with a crucial mission: recover a powerful artifact stolen by the Defias Brotherhood. As you delve into the quest, you’ll uncover a hidden mystery rooted in Stormwind’s dark past. Your journey will lead you to thwart an enemy advance on Northshire, ultimately safeguarding Stormwind. Completing this mission will earn you Master Shaw’s gratitude and the coveted Human Heritage Armor, inspired by Human lore.

Human Heritage Questline Rewards

Upon finishing the questline, you’ll receive three variations of the Human Heritage Armor set:

  1. Lion’s Heritage Blue Armor Set: A blue-tinted version of the armor set, Ensemble: Lion’s Heritage Blue Armor Set.
  2. Lion’s Heritage Scarlet Armor Set: A red-tinted version of the armor set, Ensemble: Lion’s Heritage Scarlet Armor Set.
  3. Lion’s Heritage White Armor Set: A white-tinted version of the armor set, Ensemble: Lion’s Heritage White Armor Set.

Each of the three armor sets includes both pants and skirts. Note that the datamined sets lack armor overlays and helmets, but they showcase the foundational colors for each set.