WoW Pandaria Remix Campaigns Boost

Buy the Pandaria Remix Campaigns Carry and get tons of cool rewards for completing specific campaigns. You can get cool transmog items, toys, companions, and even an illusion for your weapon. Our boosters are available anytime and will help you through any Remix campaigns. Experienced Epiccarry’s players will quickly achieve your desired reward and follow all safety rules.

Service Includes

  • Desired campaigns completion;
  • Rewards for specific campaign completion, for example, Illusion: Sha Corruption;
  • All the loot, some gold, and other items that might potentially drop;
  • Reward in the form of Greater Bronze Cache if all Pandaria Remix campaigns are completed.

This boost will be completed in Wow Pandaria Remix Campaigns Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 12 hours.

Additional Options

10,000 Bronze – Our booster will farm the specified amount of currency for you during the order;
Stream — Our booster will provide a personal stream on Twitch or YouTube; you can monitor the entire process of working on your order.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.

How it Works

During the Pandaria Remix Campaign boost, you can be sure of the quality of the ordered service and that everything will be completed, following the security rules for account sharing. Below, you can see the entire procedure, and you won’t doubt the reliability of our boost:

  1. Select desired campaigns and the additional options you would like to receive and order the service. Pay for your order using the most convenient method presented;
  2. You need to wait 3-7 minutes, and our customer service representative will contact you. We will select a convenient service schedule for you;
  3. Please provide your login information. Account data is necessary for our booster to enter the game world and begin performing the service. The whole process can be seen on a personal stream;
  4. Our experienced player will begin completing the campaigns of the Mists of Pandaria locations;
  5. When the campaign is completed, our support staff representative will write to you and inform you of the completion of the work and congratulate you on receiving all the awards.

Please leave an honest review of our work. We strive to provide you with the highest quality services, and your feedback helps us a lot with this.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique rewards can you get for completing Pandaria Remix campaigns?

Completing campaigns will bring you lots of cool rewards. Below, you can see what rewards you can get and for which locations:

  • For Dread Wastes campaign completion, you can get 4 achievements and Illusion: Sha Corruption;
  • For The Jade Forest campaign, the reward will be 5 achievements and Cherry Blossom Trail;
  • The reward for the Townlong Steppes campaign is 5 achievements and a Muskpaw Calf;
  • Kun-lai Summit campaign will allow you to get 4 achievements, as well as Chen Stormstout’s Bamboo Head & Back;
  • For the Krasarang Wilds campaign, the reward will be 4 achievements and Chen Stormstout’s Keg;
  • For the Valley of the Four Winds campaign, you can get 4 achievements and a Halfhill Farmer’s Backpack;
  • The reward for Isle of Thunder campaign completion is 4 achievements and Appearance: Class Arsenal;
  • The Landfall campaign will give you 5 achievements and Appearance: Class Arsenal.

You will receive Greater Bronze Cache after completing all campaigns.

Is it possible to fly in MoP Remix locations?

Flying and dragonriding are enabled in Pandaria Remix locations, and your Timerunner character will be able to fly immediately after creation. However, as in standard Pandaria, you cannot fly on the Isle of Thunder, Isle of Giants, and Timeless Isle.

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