Plunder Wonder Boost

Buy Plunder Wonder Boost and conquer the Plunderstorm! Pirate’s Battle Royale in Arathi Highlands has no room for landlubbers. The only task is to survive and outsmart 59 scallywags by looting and dueling them!

Don’t risk it all as Epiccarry does guarantee the Plunder Wonder achievement without walking the plank. Ye’ll seize victory quicker than rum disappears from the pirate’s bottle!

Hoist yer colors, join the ranks of the legendary pirates. Arrr, to glory we sail!

Service Includes

  • Plunder Wonder achievement;
  • Plunderstorm battle win;
  • An amount of Plunderstorm games played;
  • An amount of reputation with Keg’s Leg Crew faction;
  • Chance to get various Battle Pets;
  • Chance to get various Transmog items;
  • Chance to get various Titles;

You can choose either Plunder Wonder Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Plunder Wonder Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 1 day (24 hours);

Additional Options

Add 500 000 Gold — we will send you half a million gold upon the order completion;
— watch the battle live.


Active World of Warcraft Subscription.

How It Works

Our crew at Epiccarry be yer steadfast mates in this journey, offering our swords and spells to ensure ye claim the Plunder Wonder without any problems. Follow these steps, and before ye know it, ye’ll be toasting to victory with a bottle o’ rum in hand!

  1. First off, select the Plunder Wonder Boost service. Ye be making a pact with us to carry ye through the storm and straight to victory.
  2. Since this offer is only available in piloted mode, ye’ll need to provide us with the helm of your ship (your game account credentials). Fear not, your account be in the safest of hands, guarded like the most precious treasure.
  3. Once we’ve got the helm, we waste no time. We set sail within 15 minutes of yer order.
  4. Opt for the Stream option, and ye can watch live as we navigate through the tempest, dueling scallywags and looting treasures in your name.
  5. As the sun rises after the stormiest of nights, so too shall you find your coffers full. Victory in the Plunderstorm battle, a bounty of games played, reputation with the Keg’s Leg Crew, and chances for Battle Pets, Transmog items, and Titles all await you.
  6. Upon completion, within no more than a day’s time, we return the helm to you along with tales of conquest and the spoils of war. Ye’ll be stepping back onto a deck that’s seen victory and is ready for more.

And there ye have it, you have your place among the pantheon of pirate legends. With Epiccarry by your side, the horizon is ripe with opportunity, and glory.


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