Polly Roger Boost

Buy Polly Roger Boost and fly straight into the madness of the Plunderstorm Event with the vibe of a real pirate! This mount gives you almost all the rewards for Keg’s Leg Faction Renown and skips unnecessary and brain-rotting grinds.

As if that were not enough, buying the Polly Roger boosting service will also grant you 2 more Mounts, 4 Titles, and a huge variety of Transmog Items for your main character.

The time has come! Why would a pirate carry a parrot on a shoulder if the pirate can ride the bird? Improvise, adapt, overcome, and Epiccarry is always around to give you a hand. 

Service Includes

  • Unlock Polly Roger mount;
  • An amount of Plunderstorm games played;
  • Renown level 39 with Keg’s Leg Crew faction;
  • Unlock The SwabbieSwashbuckler and Buccaneer, First Mate titles;
  • Unlock Silver Tidestallion mount;
  • Unlock Royal Seafeather  mount;
  • Unlock the Happy, Bubbles and Glamrok  Battle Pets;
  • Unlock various Transmog items.

This boost will be completed in Polly Roger Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 4 days (96 hours);

Additional Options

Stream — sit back, grab a mug of rum and enjoy the Polly Roger Boost carry service live.


Active World of Warcraft Subscription.

How It Works

Glad to see you here captain! You are about to get all the benefits of Polly Roger Boosting service without the boring grind. Before we proceed let us tell you how the Polly Roger farming works!  Here’s the easy step-by-step instruction:

  1. Place your order for Polly Roger mount boost to get started;
  2. Take a look at our Stream option if you want to watch us do all the work live;
  3. Give us 15 minutes to prepare the deck, wake up the crew, and set sail!
  4. Our manager will contact you to discuss schedule and additional order questions;
  5. This is the part where our boosters step in to get you all the rewards while you do your real life routine;
  6. Within 4 days, you get everything — new mounts, titles, lots of transmog items and pets to make your character’s collection the envy of others.

Thanks for entrusting us with your gaming experience! We’re always here to make things easy for you!  Just let us know when you’re ready for your next adventure, and we’ll be there!


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