Sabellian Reputation Boost

During the course of WoW Dragonflight expansion, you will be presented with ” The Allegiance to One” quest that requires you to side with one of the two dragons: either Wrathion or Sabellian. Both leaders of the Black Dragonflight reside in the Obsidian Citadel located in the Waking Shores region of the Dragon Isles. They are having a bit of a power struggle, and you’ll have an opportunity to aid one of them by pledging your allegiance and completing a set of errands every week. You can change your mind later, but the quest that forces you to decide between the two sister reputations is only accessible once a week. However, each dragon offers unique benefits, so choosing between them may be difficult.

Even though Sabellian faction isn’t a part of one of Dragon Isles’ four major factions, he’s still a major character in the story that unfolds in the Dragon Isles and, as such, a valuable ally. As with all minor factions, the two dragons utilize the old reputation system rather than the new renown. There are six levels of standing with each of them, and each requires 8,400 reputation, so it’ll be a while before you can call yourself their true friend.

You’ll want to farm Sabellian rep because, besides learning a lot of the story of Dragon Isles and the rich lore of the Black Dragonflight, players that join Sabellian will gain access to some neat rewards.

Players can save time on dailies and other rep-grinding tasks by using the Sabellian boost. By buying our service, you can reap all the benefits without subjecting yourself to an exhausting grind.

Sabellian Reputation Boost Includes

Our player will boost your Sabellian reputation to the desired level by doing daily quests in Waking Shores and other tasks. As a result:

  • you will reach the desired renown level with Sabellian;
  • you will earn the Obsidian Bloodline character achievement.
  • you will earn the Paragon of the Obsidian Blood character title;
  • Various cosmetic items for your Dragonriding mount: Renewed Proto-Drake: Gold and Black Armor, Cliffside Wylderdrake: Gold and Black Armor, Highland Drake: Gold and Black Armor and others;
  • Various transmog cosmetic rewards: Obsidian Spellweaver’s Stave, Obsidian Guard’s Skullsplitter, Ensemble: Sabellian’s Battlegear Cloth Armor and many others;
  • Obsidian Egg Clutch toy.

This boost will be completed in Sabellian Reputation Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


The Sabellian Reputation Boost will be started on the day of the purchase and will take 10-14 days to complete, assuming that you have no progress and are buying Acquaintance to True friend.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Your character must have access to World Quests. Choose the unlock option if you need help with that.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

Sabellian Reputation Guide

You can gain a reputation with both the Wrathion and the Sabellian simultaneously. Unlike previous “rival” factions in the game, your reputation with neither will suffer due to your efforts to improve your standing with the other.

Once you reach level 70 and have access to World Quests in the Dragon Isles, you can begin the Allegiance to One World Quest, which will unlock these reputations immediately upon completion. You can choose to side with Wrathion or Sabellian faction every week, and all the rep you’ll earn during that week will count towards the chosen leader of the Black Dragonflight. Read More

Wrathion and Sabellian will swoop down from the Obsidian Throne when you make your weekly alliance choice, and you’ll be given a weekly. The Keys of Loyalty weekly quest asks you to produce an Obsidian Key and give it to your selected dragon commander. The Djaradin Elite mobs in and around the Obsidian Citadel drop the necessary components to craft this key.

The first key assembled for the week always grants rep with your chosen dragon. However, you can keep farming the materials from the mobs in the area to restore more keys and hand them over to the four NPCs of your choice. Giving the key to either of the leaders gives a large rep boost with the NPC that you chose to give a key to, but you can also give it to one of their officers and receive a moderate rep boost with both of them. All of the options also increase your rep with Valdrakken Accord by a small amount. Here are the numbers:

  • Wrathion: 150 Wrathion Reputation, 50 Valdrakken Accord Renown.
  • Sabellian: 150 Sabellian Reputation, 50 Valdrakken Accord Renown.
  • Forgemaster Bazentus or Igys the Believer: 75 Wrathion Reputation, 75 Sabellian Reputation. 50 Valdrakken Accord Renown.

Sabellian Reputation levels

The Obsidian Citadel events and the Keys of Loyalty quest aren’t the only weekly missions available; whichever party you choose will have many more.

There are five tiers of reputation for each dragon leader. The reputation is permanent, so you can go back and forth between Wrathion and Sabellian every week whenever you feel like it. Instead of the usual Neutral-Exalted levels, you’ll start as an Acquaintance and work your way up to True Friend. Sabellian reputation levels are:

  1. Acquaintance.
  2. Cohort.
  3. Ally.
  4. Fang.
  5. Friend.
  6. True Friend.

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