With the new Patch 10.2, World of Warcraft introduces some really cool inventions. We’re talking about the Wow Satarlancer mount. It’s a new mechanic that includes new mounts, which are duplicates of your main mounts but with a reskin. You can obtain them only in the Emerald Dream, and you’re required to acquire the Dream Infusion and the exact mount.

So, you can spend your time searching for ways to increase your renown with the Dream Wardens for all these new mounts, or you can trust these professionals and reduce your time spent on the boring grind of Emerald Frenzies for the Dream Infusion with a deep observation for just one attraction, just to capture most Salamanthers attention enthusiasts with your new mount.

Wow Salatrancer Boost Includes

When you order the Wow Salarlancer mount, you can expect the following rewards:

Some completed activities in Emerald Dream. And, of course, tons of gold, random loot, trash, and other items that will be farmed while we provide this service


The timeframe is up to 30 days from the expansion’s onset but can shrink considerably as patch 10.2 draws to a close.

Salatrancer Boost requirements

Access to the Emerald Dream and its corresponding endeavors.

Any of the Dragonflight reference mounts obtained.

Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

How to get Wow Salatrancer?

To obtain the spectral Salatrancer mount in World of Warcraft, you must first unlock and level up your Renown with the Dream Wardens to level 5 by engaging in various activities within the Emerald Dream, such as quests and zone events. Once achieved, you can earn a special currency called Dream Infusion from the same activities. With Dream Infusion in hand, make your way to the Central Encampment in Amirdrassil, where you’ll find Elianna, the vendor. There, you can exchange your Dream Infusion for the Salatrancer, introducing this ethereal creature to your collection and enhancing your riding skill with its unique aura and speed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What essence does the Salatrancer mount bring to Warcraft players?

The Salatrancer mount infuses the game with a mystical essence, combining the nature of the Emerald Dream with the thrill of riding. It not only enhances your character’s riding skill with its unique aura but also embodies the speed and freedom that comes with the mastery of the Dream Wardens’ ways.

How can one capture the Salamanthers’ attention to obtain the Salatrancer mount?

To catch the elusive Salamanthers’ attention, one must complete various activities within the Emerald Dream, thereby proving their dedication to the Dream Wardens. Through this commitment, players unlock the ability to command such majestic creatures.

What is required to unlock the Salatrancer mount in the game?

To unlock this ethereal steed, players must engage with the nature of the Emerald Dream, reaching at least the 5th renown level with the Dream Wardens. Only then can they exchange the special currency, Dream Infusion, for the Salatrancer at the central encampment.

Where does one go to complete the exchange for the Salatrancer mount?

Once players have collected the necessary Dream Infusion, they must journey to the central encampment within the sprawling boughs of Amirdrassil. There, amidst the dreams and verdant groves, Elianna waits to exchange this special currency for the mount.

Are there any specific in-game pets or items introduced alongside the Salatrancer mount?

Alongside the Salatrancer, players may find themselves rewarded with Dewdrops, random loot, and perhaps even in-game pets, all farmed as they engage in the necessary activities to earn their mount.

What kind of adventures can one expect while riding the Salatrancer?

Those who ride the Salatrancer can expect adventures that require agility and grace, as this mount jumps freely through the Emerald Dream, and enjoys long periods of uninterrupted travel, benefiting from its exceptional speed and riding skill.

How can Warcraft players increase their chance to obtain the Salatrancer quickly?

For those looking to cut down the time spent in pursuit, professional services offer to farm the necessary components. However, one must already have a level 70 character, unlocked the Emerald Dream activities, and possess at least one Salamanther mount in their collection to qualify for these services.

Is there an estimated time of arrival (ETA) for obtaining the Salatrancer mount?

While the service may take up to 30 days, the ETA for the Salatrancer mount can vary depending on when players complete the required activities and make the purchase with Dream Infusion.

What does the Wow Salatrancer product include when you order it?

The product includes the Salatrancer mount itself, a Dream Infusion, at least 5th renown level with the Dream Wardens faction, some Dewdrops, and completed activities in the Emerald Dream, along with a wealth of gold and random loot.

Can players obtain the Salatrancer without engaging in various activities?

As an extra service, some may offer the option to farm Salamanther mounts, which can lead to obtaining the Salatrancer in the Emerald Dream without the traditional Dream inspiration activities. However, this service is external to the game’s intended progression path like Salamanthers attention jumps freely, and you may expect to explore and embark on all the emerald mounts.