Trophies Of Strife Farm Boost

Trophies of Strife boost from Epiccarry will be an excellent purchase for fans of open-world battles. Once you receive this PvP currency, you can exchange it for 525 PvP gear, significantly increasing your character’s strength. Our boosters are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, ready to quickly farm you the desired amount of Trophies of Strife and follow safety rules. Quickly strengthen your character and become a formidable opponent for your enemies!

Service Includes

  • The desired amount of Trophies of Strife;
  • Chance to increase your Honor level;
  • All the loot will be obtained during the boost.

This boost will be completed in Trophies Of Strife Farm Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15-30 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 3 hours.

Additional Options

Honor gear — We will get you PvP gear with ilvl 515;
Conquest gear — We will get you PvP gear with ilvl 528;
Sparks of Life Weekly Quest — Our booster will do a weekly quest for you, which will reward you with 8 Trophies of Strife if you haven’t done it yet;
500,000 gold — After completing the service, we will send your character the specified amount of gold;
Stream — Our booster will stream on YouTube, Twitch, or Discord servers for you; you can observe the entire farming progress.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 70 character. You can purchase our Dragonflight leveling boost if your game character doesn’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

By purchasing Trophies of Strife boost from Epiccarry, you will save yourself a lot of time. Our Pro players will quickly achieve your desired currency, and you won’t have to waste your energy and nerves. We will take all necessary precautions to ensure the best possible security during the boost. Check out our step-by-step strife trophies farm instructions:

  • Place an order for the service, first selecting all the additional options you want. Complete payment for your ordered boost using the method that suits you best;
  • You need to wait 3-7 minutes, and our customer service representative will contact you. We will select a convenient service schedule for you;
  • Please provide your account details. Our boosters need it to log into your account and start working on the service. We will start a personal stream for you;
  • Our booster will begin to perform various PvP activities to obtain Honor points, which is necessary to catch up on Trophy of Strife;
  • When our booster completes the boost, a support team representative will contact you and congratulate you on receiving the required Trophies of Strife and other rewards.

Please rate our Strife Trophies Farm service. Your feedback helps us improve the quality of our services and ensure that you obtain what you want. We want to provide you with only the highest quality services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What else is needed to buy good PvP gear besides Trophies of Strife?

To buy PvP items for the open world, arenas, or other PvP activities, you need Trophies of Strife and Bloody tokens; you can get them for another PvP World quest, war supplies, and honorable kills. If you need both PvP currencies to purchase PvP gear, you can also pay attention to our “Bloody tokens farm” service.

How many Trophies of Strife can you get per week?

You can get 8 Trophies of Strife by completing the weekly PvP quest. If you missed a quest in one of the weeks, the game provides a system that allows you to catch up with the Trophy cap.

How do you catch up on the Trophy of Strife?

If you need to catch up with the Trophies cap, purchase them from Malicia for 3500 Honor Points. However, if your character has already reached the maximum number, the possibility of such a purchase will disappear.

What items should you buy first with Trophies of Strife?

There are two options, depending on what items you already have:

  • If this is your first PvP equipment, you should purchase a helmet, breastplate, pants, or two-handed weapon, as they give the character the most primary stats;
  • If your character’s primary stat is Intellect, then it’s worth buying a staff since there are even more stats in this case. If you already have Honor or Conquest items, then it is worth buying items for those slots in which you do not have PvP equipment.

Can you use remote access for the Trophies of Strife service?

If you prefer remote access to account sharing, you can request to use it when speaking with our customer support team representative. You will discuss the boosting schedule in more detail, as it needs to be made more convenient for you.

Why should I buy WoW Trophies of Strife service by Epiccarry?

Epiccarry has been helping its customers achieve their desired results and rewards in World of Warcraft and other games for over a decade. By ordering our services, you invest in your comfort during your gaming experience. Our team of Pro players has a wealth of experience gained from many past seasons and is always ready to help.