Winter Night Dreamsaber

In World of Warcraft’s patch 10.2, the Winter Night Dreamsaber isn’t just rare. It’s a symbol. Deep in the Emerald Dream, it’s more than a mount. It’s a connection. To history. To mystery. So if you’re still do not have a Reins of the Winter night Dreamsaber, you can reach it with the Epiccarry boosting team.

Nocturnal. Cloaked in winter’s chill. Its form: a blend of shadow and frost. More than travel, it’s a journey through stories untold. A piece of the Emerald Dream, alive under starlit skies.

Winter Night Dreamsaber Mount Boost Includes

This is one of the toughest mounts among all the Emerald Dream rewards. So, you can either endure endless hardship or opt for our service, which involves farming the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber. When you order it, you can expect to receive:

  • Winter Night Dreamsaber Mount.
  • The unidentified amount of completed superbloom events completed
  • Some Dreamseed Cache (the amount depends on luck).
  • Some gold, DewDrops, renown with Dream Wardens and other things, usually gotten from the Emerald Frenzy and SuperBloom events in the world of Warcraft.


This service is entirely luck-based, and the estimated time of arrival varies from one day to months or even years. However, the Epiccarry team has a good fortune, so we assure you that the journey to obtain the Winter Night Dreamsaber won’t be lengthy.

How to farm Winter Night Dreamsaber

To farm the Winter Night Dreamsaber mount in World of Warcraft, you need to unlocking activities within the Emerald Dream, where the mount is obtainable. Once in the Emerald Dream, your main focus should be on locating Large Emerald Blooms, which are essentially the purple seeds crucial for this endeavor.

After acquiring these seeds, the next step is to invest the necessary resources to fully grow them. It’s important to note that the Winter Night Dreamsaber mount drops from these fully grown Large Emerald Blooms, but the chance of this happening is quite low. This process, therefore, requires a fair amount of repetition, as you’ll need to consistently find and grow more Large Emerald Blooms to increase your chances of getting the mount.


Remember, patience is key in this process. Due to the low drop rate, it might take a considerable amount of time and effort to finally acquire the Winter Night Dreamsaber mount. Keep persisting with growing Large Emerald Blooms, and with a bit of luck, you’ll eventually obtain this sought-after mount.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber Boost?

It’s a service that grants you the elusive Winter Night Dreamsaber mount in WoW 10.2, a symbol of rarity and elegance.

What’s included in the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber Boost service?

You’ll receive the coveted Winter Night Dreamsaber mount, superbloom event completions, Dreamseed Cache, gold, and more.

Are there any additional rewards during the boost service?

Yes, expect random bonuses like gold and loot as we journey together to secure your Dreamsaber.

What are the prerequisites for using the Reins of the Winter Night Dreamsaber Boost service?

Your character must be at level 70, and access to the Emerald Dream activities should be unlocked.

How long does it take to obtain the Winter Night Dreamsaber through this service?

The Estimated Time of Arrival varies, but rest assured, our fortunate team aims to make it a swift journey.

How can I farm the Winter Night Dreamsaber mount on my own in World of Warcraft?

Venture into the Emerald Dream, seek out Large Emerald Blooms, grow them, and hope for the mount’s rare appearance. Patience is your ally.

Any tips for obtaining the Winter Night Dreamsaber through farming?

Persistence is the key. Keep cultivating Large Emerald Blooms, and with a stroke of luck, the Winter Night Dreamsaber shall be yours.