Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl Boost

Those who would like to have an excellent fighting weapon should choose Luna’s Howl. This rare weapon is included among the BRAVE arsenal, and you can unlock it by finishing the Onslaught activity and the associated quest. You can also give tokens at Shaxx’s Treasure Chest to get Luna’s Howl hand cannon.

Completing all quests and gathering the Luna’s Howl may take some time. In case you don’t want all that trouble, order a Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl boost and skip this boring process. Our players are professional and know how to obtain these guns more quickly. With us, you can also choose the ultimate god roll option to get the best version of Luna’s Howl.

Service Includes

  • BRAVE Arsenal WeaponLuna’s Howl;
  • The rewards from the Onslaught activity;
  • Desired number of Luna’s Howl Hand Cannon;
  • Opportunity to acquire Onslaught Armor components;
  • All potential drops, including items and resources, throughout this farming session;
  • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.

This boost will be completed in Piloted mode.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 1-3 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: farm 3-4 hours per day;
  • Express: farm 4-6 hours per day;
  • Super Express: more than 6 hours farm.

Additional Options

God Roll – we will farm for you the specified Perk you need from the range of 3rd and 4th group (Please contact the customer support agent after purchase to specify 1 each Perk from the 3rd and 4th group you wish to get). (If the weapon drops with 2 picked Perks, it will be considered the God Roll option completed).
I can Attune – select this option if you completed the quest for it, you can Attune which increases the item chance drop.
Shaxx Quest – we will complee the Shaxx Quest to receive Limited Time Base version (1x set of perks) and attune to it.
Stream – you will watch the boost process online.


Destiny 2: Lightfall expansion.
1800+ Power Level. If your level is not sufficient, then you can order Power Leveling boosting service so that our players can raise it for you.

How it Works

Getting Luna’s Howl with new perks to build the perfect version of BRAVE weapons is a difficult process. Trust our pro players, who will do all the boring work for you, and order Destiny 2 Luna’s Howl Carry. You can order a boost if you play PC, PS, or Xbox platforms, you need to enable the Cross Save feature so that our players can quickly start fulfilling your order. It’s easy to order a service, here’s how to do it step by step:

  1. Select the additional options you want.
  2. Only Piloted mode is available for Luna’s Howl boost. You will need to select account sharing, and our verified player will add Luna’s Howl BRAVE Arsenal to your collection.
  3. Pay for the service using one of the available payment methods.
  4. Our support manager will contact you 3-10 minutes after payment. Discuss all the details and set a schedule for the boost. You can also always ask any questions in our online chat, which works 24/7.
  5. When the boost is completed, and Luna’s Howl hand cannon is in your arsenal, our manager will notify you. We would be very grateful if you could share your experience and leave feedback.
  6. Congratulations, you can now kill your enemies while holding your new Luna’s Howl.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Luna’s Howl in Destiny 2?

One of the last treasures in the BRAVE Arsenal is Luna’s Howl. This weapon will drop randomly from Onslaught reward chests, BRAVE Engrams, and by turning in Trophies of Bravery to open Shaxx’s chest at the Hall of Champions. There are 50% more drop chance when you choose Luna’s Howl hand cannon for tuning.

Can I get Luna’s Howl in Brave Arsenal?

Yes, you should complete the Onslaught activity to get Luna’s Howl hand cannon. However, this is a random weapon drops, and you must grind it on a fireteam with other players. You can also gather Trophies to open Lord Shaxx loot chest.

Is Brave weapons Luna’s Howl God Roll good for PvP?

Yes, in Destiny 2, Luna’s Howl God Roll has lots of potential for PvP activities when used with the right perks. A good perk here is Heal Clip, which increase reload speed of nearby allies. This weapon is also perfect with a perk called Magnificent Howl that grants extra bullets the more kills you get in one clip or until you have to reload. Ricochet rounds are the best for magazines.

What perks have Luna’s Howl?

You can have such perks:

  • Perk 1 – Eye of the Storm, Subsistence, Discord, Encore, Slideshot, Enlightened Action, and Heal Clip. 
  • Perk 2 – Magnificent Howl, Kill Clip, Incandescent, Desperate Measures, Opening Shot, Precision Instrument, and Harmony.

What Luna’s Howl God Roll for PvE?

Most PvE weapons work best when you use a Fluted Barrel for better handling and a Flared Magwell for faster reloads. If you want additional rounds and increase magazine size, take Appended Mag. The Restorative perk is great when building your defenses since it heals 120 HP. Other than that, Enlightened Action can reduce your reloading time. Incandescent is much preferred in the second perk slot for damage purposes. For God Rolls, Indomitability is the origin trait, which has been perfect for a Light subclass as it gives grenade energy on final stots, whereas a Darkness subclass provides melee energy on final blows.

What Luna’s Howl God Roll for PvP?

Hammer-Forged Rifling gives it the most significant increased range without compromising other stats, whereas Ricochet Rounds give a little boost in addition to stability enhancement, which is good for PvP hand cannons. Eye of The Storm is for those who want accuracy boosts. Precision Instrument can extend its 3-tap range through bonus damage, which is good for precision final blows, while Opening Shot, when combined with Slideshot, takes the range up to 100, thereby making them quite lethal together. You can also choose Magnificent Howl active, extend the quantity of precision kills before reloading, and influences the rounds granted with give more range and damage. For Origin Trait, for God Rollls, is Indomitability. Achieving final blows grants grenade energy while playing a Light subclass or melee energy while playing a Darkness subclass.

What weapons I can get from BRAVE Arsenal?

You have the chance to pick newly improved or different aesthetics on famous weapons. Several of the first versions are not possible today, but you can get them by carrying out an onslaught activity. These are all weapons in the BRAVE Arsenal:

1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars

    Number of Runs:

    Number of Runs:

    If the weapon drops with 2 picked Perks, it will be considered the God Roll option completed.

    Completion Speed: