Zero Hour Exotic Mission Boost

Zero Hour Exotic Mission is finally back with an amazing newly forgotten Outbreak Perfected Exotic weapon and other rewards! The mission is available in Normal and Legend difficulty. Grab the guest from Ada-1 and start your journey to complete the Exotic mission! The new feature of the most wanted Outbreak Perfected weapon in the Into the Light update is that it is craftable from now on.

Buy Zero Hour Misson boost to acquire all desired rewards quickly and with no effort from your side. Our professional players are experienced in solving any kind of puzzle, completing quests, and defeating the hardest bosses in minutes! Get boosted to enjoy the result of new weapon and Vimana Junker Exotic Ship!

Service Includes

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 30 minutes – 2 hours.
Estimated Completion time:

  • Normal: 2-4 hours;
  • Express: 1-3 hours; 
  • Super Express: 40 – 90 minutes.

Estimated delivery time may be slightly increased in combination with additional options.

Additional Options

Quarter Hour – we will complete the Normal Zero Hour mission within less than 15 minutes.
Vimana Junker Ship
– we will complete the puzzle on Legend difficulty to acquire the Vimana Junker Exotic Ship.
– we will complete the Zero Hour exotic missions solo.
Flawless – we will complete the Zero Hour exotic missions without deaths.
Solo Flawless – we will complete the Zero Hour exotic missions solo without deaths.
Stream – select this option to follow the Zero Hour exotic mission boost progress online.
Complete Outbreak Refined Quests – choose the full list of quests or particular ones of your choice.


Access to Legend dungeon (For Legend Difficulty boost option)

1800+ Power Level (1820+ for Legend Difficulty and Solo Flawless options). You can use our Power Leveling service if requirements are not met.

How It Works

Zero Hour Exotic Missions in Normal or Legendary difficulty are complex and long drawn out. The Legend version requires specific skills to complete exotic missions quickly within a limited time. Spend no time on the mission and leave it to our Zero Hour Exotic Mission Boost in Destiny 2. From Zero hour mission completion, even on normal difficulty, you will get the Outbreak Perfected Exotic Pulse Rifle guaranteed! How the service works breakdown:

  1. Select the version for the Exotic mission boost. It is available in Legendary and Normal versions. Select the desired difficulty you need help with. For better game rewards, customize your order with additional options, including catalyst upgrade. 
  2. You have to choose the Service Mode: We offer the Zero Hour service in 2 mode options. Based on your choice, here is how you will achieve the desired rewards:
    • Piloted (Recovery): We will ask you to share your account with our verified player to complete the Zero Hour missions for you. If you play on PS or Xbox, please enable Cross-Save for a faster delivery time. Because we’ll have ability to complete the order on different platforms.
    • Selfplay: You will get the invitation to be on a team with our skilled guardians at the scheduled time. They will lead you in a fight with enemies to gain desirable Destiny 2 exotic mission rewards, including Outbreak Perfected.
  3. After purchase, our customer support team will contact you to schedule a convenient time for the order. Specify your availability so you can enjoy playing and get boosted. If you have any other boost queries, feel free to discuss them. Add us on the discord server if it’s your preferred communication channel.
  4. You will be notified via a preferred communication channel upon the Zero Hour Mission Boost Completion.
  5. Please share your thoughts on the Zero Hour boosting service experience. We would be grateful to receive feedback upon service completion. It is essential for us to identify flaws immediately and turn them into strengths to improve the quality of our services. That’s how your reviews will help us to become the best!

Congratulations on completing the requirements for the Zero Hour Mission. The Outbreak Perfected weapon will benefit your guardian and other powerful rewards!

Contact our Customer Support if you encounter any difficulties, we are here for you 24/7.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need Zero Hour Exotic Mission Boost?

Zero Hours is a timed exotic mission. This means you will have a limited time to defeat all the bosses there. You can try to complete it on your own, but the best way would be to buy the Zero Hour Exotic Mission Boost so as not to waste time. Our team will fulfill all the requirements within a specific time and find and complete hidden puzzles and chests for extra loot drops. You will get the newly forgotten Outbreak Perfect Exotic Pulse rifle from the first mission clear and the weapon’s catalyst from completing the Legend mode.

How to complete Zero Hour Exotic Mission?

Zero Hour Exotic Mission comes in two versions – Normal and Legend difficulty.

  • To start with Exotic Mission, go to Tower’s Annex and collect the Asset Protection quest by visiting Ada-1.
  • Start from the Normal version, you will have plenty of rooms of Fallen combatants you need to defeat to obtain the desired Outbreak Perfected within 40 minutes.
  • If you feel like you’re ready to face the hardest Legend version, go on for it! Rapidly defeat all enemies within 20 minutes, which are stronger, by the way, and get the Outbreak Perfected Catalyst.
  • Completing the puzzle quest at Legend difficulty will grant you the Vimana Junker Exotic Ship.

To complete the exotic mission, we advise having a strong team with great communication skills to deal with all the encounters within a specific time. It is worth completing it in all possible difficulties as much as you can to become stronger and be prepared for the Final Shape!

How to get the Vimana Junker Exotic Ship from Zero Hour?

The new Exotic ship, which you are able to get from Zero Hour Mission, is called Vimana Junker. To obtain it, you will need to complete some puzzle quests within the exotic mission. Please note those puzzles are in Legendary difficulty, where it’s significantly harder to complete the mission overall. Consider buying Zero Hour Mission boost and customize the option to acquire the Vimana Junker Exotic Ship fast and smoothly.

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