Armored Chosen Tauralus

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Mount Farming takes 2-3 months

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 How to get Armored Chosen Tauralus mount

  1. Join the Necrolord Covenant in Shadowlands.
  2. Complete the Necrolords Campaign until the quest Welcome to Our House.
  3. Accept the quest Rebellious Souls inside Seat of the Primus and complete the questline until you unlock the Abominable Stitching Table.
  4. Use the Abominable Stitching Table to craft 100 Anima-bound Wraps by spending 200 Shrouded Cloth.
  5. Return the Anima-bound Wraps to the quest Specter of War: Visectus to complete the achievement It’s a Wrap.
  6. Build each construct with Abominable Stitching to complete the achievement The Gang’s All Here.
  7. Finish all unique Abominable Stitching Quests to complete the achievement Abominable Lives. Quests refreshes weekly.
  8. Gather reagents and craft cosmetic items for abominations to complete the achievement Wardrobe Makeover.
  9. Once all Abominable Stitching achievements are completed, you will receive the Things To Do When You’re Dead achievement and be rewarded with the Armored Chosen Tauralus mount.