Battle-Hardened Aquilon

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How to get the Battle-Hardened Aquilon mount

The Battle-Hardened Aquilon mount can be purchased for 1000 Stygia from Duchess Mynx in Keeper’s Respite, Korthia. However, to be able to buy the mount, you must first meet the following requirements:

Join the Kyrian Covenant

The Battle-Hardened Aquilon mount is only available to Kyrian Covenant players. If you are not already a member of the Kyrian Covenant, you will need to join them to be able to purchase the mount.

Farm 1000 Stygia

The primary source of Stygia is defeating mobs in the Maw. The amount of Stygia earned from each mob varies, but it can range from a few to several dozen Stygia per kill. Be sure to explore different areas of the Maw to find the highest concentration of mobs. Elite mobs, such as the Eye of the Jailer, drop large amounts of Stygia when defeated.

Reach exalted standing with Death’s Advance

To reach exalted standing with Death’s Advance, you must complete daily and weekly quests in Korthia. These quests are available from various NPCs in Keeper’s Respite, including Firis Darkblade, Archivist Roh-Suir, and Adjutant Galos.

Earn the achievement On the Offensive

On the Offensive is a meta-achievement that requires players to complete several achievements during specific assaults in Shadowlands. Here we’ll go through the required achievements and how to complete them:

This achievement requires players to complete all four Covenant assaults. 

During the Kyrian assault, players must obtain the Sharp Eyed buff from Orator Kloe. Once they have the buff, they must locate and click on three hidden Sly’s throughout the zone. Only one Sly can be clicked per assault, so players will need to wait until the next Kyrian assault to find and click on another Sly. This process must be repeated until all three Sly’s have been found and clicked on, resulting in the 3/3 achievement completion.

The second achievement for the Kyrian assault requires players to accept the quest The Ember Count. They will then need to find Gubbins to obtain a parasol, which can be found in multiple locations. Next, players should visit five different forges and use /dance with the parasol buff “Mawproof Parasol”. The achievement progress will only count if the player has the parasol buff active while dancing.

To obtain the Krrprripripkraak’s Heroes achievement, players must first accept the rare quest “Just Don’t Ask Me to Spell It” during the Night Fae assault. During this quest, players must kill specific elites to complete it. Once all six elites have been defeated, the achievement will be awarded. Note that this quest may not always be available during the Night Fae assault, so players should keep an eye out for it and complete it as soon as possible when it does become available.

To obtain the Jailer’s Personal Stash achievement, players need to find and loot the Rift Hidden Caches during Night Fae Assault in The Maw. To do so, they must first obtain the random quest A Shady Place and use the quest item Unbalanced Riftstone. This will give them the Unbalanced Riftstone buff, which allows them to detect the hidden caches. Each day, six different caches will spawn in various locations throughout The Maw. Keep an eye out for them and be sure to loot all six to earn the achievement. Note that this quest may not always be available.

To obtain the “This Army” achievement, players need to complete the quest “You and What Army” during Necrolord Assault once with each unique champion. In order to get credit for three champions during a single assault, players must pick up the “You and What Army” quest and select a champion, then complete and turn in any other assault quest. After that, players must abandon the “You and What Army” quest and reacquire it, selecting a different champion, and repeat the process. Note that the set of three champions changes daily, and after completing all quests, players must wait for the next assault to progress further in the achievement.

To obtain the Up For Grabs achievement, players must open ten Mawsworn Caches during the Necrolord assault on Perdition Hold in The Maw. To locate the Mawsworn Cache, players need to speak with Draka to begin the assault. These caches are scattered throughout various locations around Perdition Hold. To reach the treasures, players can use Grapple Point, or Overcharged Centurion after completing the quest Putting A Plan Together. Note the caches can be looted daily, even during the same assault. However, some caches do not award credit randomly.

To obtain the Hoarder of Torghast achievement, players must complete the Fangcrack’s Fan Club quest during the Venthyr Assault. Fangcrack will periodically summon enemies from a portal, including Anima Cells, Jars, and Brokers. Break the jars, use the anima cells, and defeat the enemies to progress towards the achievement.

To obtain the Tea for the Troubled achievement, players must first obtain the random quest A Tea for Every Occasion during the Venthyr Assault. Once you have the quest, speak with Tubbins to acquire a disguise. Your objective is to serve tea to specific NPCs by using the Serve Tea skill on them. However, note that the characters for this achievement spawn randomly, with four out of eight appearing each day. Use the Serve Tea skill on all four characters and wait until the daily quest reset to progress further.

Note: Once all the requirements for the Battle-Hardened Aquilon mount have been met, players can join other covenants and purchase other mounts such as the Battlefield Swarmer, Winter Wilderling, and Pale Gravewing.