Hawkstrider – 7 Mounts

Hawkstrider mounts are stunning mounts that Horde players can purchase with a riding skill obtainable at level 20. However, to purchase these mounts, players need to have an exalted reputation with Silvermoon City. For those who don’t want to spend time grinding reputation, boosting services can help them acquire this mount quickly and easily.

Hawkstrider Mounts Boost Service Includes

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Hawkstrider Mounts Boost Requirements

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 How to Get the Hawkstrider Mounts

Hawkstriders are sleek and majestic ground mounts available to Horde players in World of Warcraft. Here’s a comprehensive guide on obtaining these mounts and showing them off to your friends.

Step 1: Reach Exalted reputation with Silvermoon City (for non-Blood Elf characters)

If you are playing as any race other than a Blood Elf, you must have an Exalted reputation with Silvermoon City to purchase the Hawkstrider mounts. To increase your reputation, wear a Silvermoon City tabard and run dungeons or kill mobs in any area of the game that gives a reputation for the faction. The tabard will allow you to earn a reputation while doing other activities, making it easier to grind the required reputation.

Step 2: Travel to Eversong Woods

The next step is to travel to Eversong Woods, a zone in the northeastern part of the Eastern Kingdoms. You can get to Eversong Woods by taking a flight path from any major Horde city. Or via a portal hub in Orgrimmar. 

Step 3: Find the vendor

Once you arrive in Eversong Woods, head to Silvermoon City. Look for the vendor named Winaestra, located in the city’s northern part. Winaestra is a Hawkstrider Breeder and sells Hawkstrider mounts.

Step 4: Purchase the mounts

Hawkstrider mounts are available for purchase from Winaestra for 1-10g. Once you have the gold, buy the mounts, which will be added to your collection.