Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

The Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher is a highly sought-after mount in World of Warcraft. However, obtaining this mount can be a challenging task, as it requires completing a number of difficult achievements. We offer a Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Boosting Service to help players obtain this mount quickly and easily.

Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount Farming Takes 2 Weeks

Armored Blue Wind Rider Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher

Obtaining the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher mount is no easy feat, as it requires completing several individual achievements within the Glory of the Icecrown Raider (10 player) meta-achievement. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help players obtain this mount and achieve Glory! 

Hard Achievements:

  1. Been Waiting a Long Time for This – Allow Necrotic Plague to stack to 30 before defeating the Lich King in 10-player mode. Here are steps to do this.
    1. Pre-Fight
      1. Bring a helper mob or player that will eventually be used to attack The Lich King. This can be a class spell like Shadowfiend or a Hunter pet. Alternatively, you can use a trinket that summons a mob to fight for you, like Figurine – Felsteel Boar.
      2. Set The Lich King as your focus to more easily keep an eye on his buffs. This will help you monitor the Necrotic Plague, which is crucial for this achievement.
    2. FIGHT!
      1. Start the fight by engaging The Lich King. Do not attack him at this point.
      2. Stand on the bottom few steps of the staircase with your back to the throne to prevent yourself from flying over the edge to your death from the shadow traps.
      3. Let The Lich King summon some Drudge Ghouls until you have at least three summons-worth (9+ ghouls) hanging around.
      4. Once you have enough ghouls, have your helper mob/friend attack The Lich King.
      5. Once your helper has aggro and The Lich King is attacking it, he will cast Necrotic Plague on you. Make sure you’re targetable, or he won’t cast it!
      6. Stop all damage once you’re plagued. If your helper is something like a Hunter pet, change it to passive at this point.
      7. Hang out until Necrotic Plague gets to 30 stacks. It jumps between mobs (including you) every 15 seconds. The stack count increases with every jump. After it jumps from a ghoul, that ghoul will die, so don’t attack them yourself, and let The Lich King summon them as many times as he wants.
      8. You will have to tab around the mobs to keep track of how many stacks it has. If you have an addon that helps, it’s great, but you can also keep an eye on The Lich King, whom you should have focused on before the fight.
      9. After you’re sure there are at least 30 stacks of Necrotic Plague, burn down The Lich King. You can stop worrying about Necrotic Plague now.
      10. Ignore the other mobs/phases/mechanics at this point, and stay on the stairs, focusing on DPS on him. He’ll go on his 1:30+ roleplay rant, and then you can get that final killing blow.
      11. The achievement’s all yours!


  • Bring a weak helper mob to attack The Lich King.
  • Set The Lich King as your focus to monitor Necrotic Plague.
  • The plague debuff can be especially hard to find if you have a lot of ghouls. Be patient! If you’re really sure that it’s completely gone because you ran out of ghouls or anything else, then you can start over from Step 3 on the same attempt. No need to restart the fight. (Just make sure it’s really gone! If you start a second  Necrotic Plague, there’s a chance you could end up without the achievement because of math.)

Medium Achievements:

  1. Full House – To obtain this achievement, you must engage Lady Deathwhisper in Icecrown Citadel and wait for two types of adds to spawn: Cult Fanatics and Cult Adherents. While waiting, do not attack Lady Deathwhisper. She will kill some of these adds and raise them, turning them into Deformed Fanatics, Reanimated Fanatics, and Reanimated Adherents. Your goal is to wait until all five add types are attacking you simultaneously. Once this happens, DPS the boss down to obtain the achievement. This achievement is particularly easy at level 70, and turning on nameplates (default V) may help make it easier to distinguish the different types of adds.
  2. Portal Jockey – If you can successfully heal Valithria Dreamwalker before she spawns the portals, you will earn the achievement. It’s worth noting that bandages can be used to help achieve this.

Easy Achievements:

  1. I’m on a Boat – Just shoot the horde ship as you sit on the cannon to get the achievement. Spam 1 & 2 and you’re good. Note: don’t visit the enemy gunship more than twice to do this achievement.
  2. Once Bitten, Twice Shy – To accomplish this achievement, you have to kill Blood-Queen Lana’thel twice: once without becoming a vampire slain and once while being a vampire slain.
    1. To defeat the boss without becoming a vampire, you must defeat her within 15 seconds. One-shotting may not give you credit. Walk into her and engage combat with a weak attack.
    2. To defeat the boss  while a vampire, you need to wait about 15 seconds to pick up the Essence of the Blood Queen debuff. Once you have the debuff, you are a vampire, and you can kill the boss.

Notes for Once Bitten, Twice Shy: 

You will not be able to meet both criteria within the same week. Icecrown Citadel will lock for the week on whatever difficulty setting you start it at.

Both criteria must be done on the same character to accomplish the achievement.

Incidental Achievements: 

  1. Boned – Make sure that everyone attacks the bone spikes immediately. This can be done by defeating the boss before he casts.
  2. I’ve Gone and Made a Mess – Defeat the Deathbringer before Mark of the Fallen Champion is cast three times..
  3. The Orb Whisperer – Currently, this achievement can be obtained by swiftly defeating the Blood Council.
  4. All You Can Eat – Defeat Professor Putricide without using Regurgitated Ooze on the Abomination.
  5. Nausea, Heartburn, Indigestion – Defeat Sindragosa while ensuring that no member of your raid receives 5 or more stacks of Mystic Buffet.
  6. Dances with Oozes – Defeat Rotface without a Big Ooze casting Unstable Ooze Explosion. To do this players need to nuke the boss.
  7. Flu Shot Shortage – Defeat Festergut without any member of your raid group receiving three stacks of Inoculated. You can accomplish this by simply nuking the boss.

Players must complete the raid on Heroic difficulty to obtain the last four achievements.