Brilliant Direbeak

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Brilliant Direbeak Mount Boosting Service Includes

  • Killing the Matriarch in the world quest area to spawn the NPC version of the pet
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  • Completing the quest chain to obtain the Brilliant Direbeak mount
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Mount farming takes 2-3 weeks to complete, as each subsequent quest becomes available from your summoned pet after the daily reset after completing the previous quest

Brilliant Direbeak Boost Requirements

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 How to get Brilliant Direbeak mount

If you want to add the Brilliant Direbeak mount to your collection, you’ll need to embark on a quest chain that starts with obtaining the Direbeak Hatchling pet. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Brilliant Direbeak mount:

  1. Start by heading to Stormheim and look for the Direbeak Matriarch world quest. Kill the Matriarch to make the NPC version of the pet spawn.
  2. Interact with the NPC and feed it Pungent Vrykul Gamalost, which can be bought from Steward Dayton in Stormheim.
  3. Once you have summoned the pet, you’ll be given the quest Raising Your Direbeak, which starts the quest chain.
  4. The quest chain comprises several quests that require you to complete tasks with your Direbeak Hatchling pet. The quests are as follows:
    • The Smell of Dwarves (Alliance) or The Smell of Tauren (Horde)
    • Hunting Lesson: Rose Taipan
    • Allies in Stormheim
    • Direbeak Team Up
    • Dire Prey
    • Hunting Lesson: Tiny Apparition
    • The Unkindly Faction
    • Direbeak Bonding
    • Hunting Lesson: Golden Eaglet
    • Teamwork Lesson: Fenryr
    • Hunting Lesson: Stormstruck Beaver
    • Teamwork Lesson: Krosus
    • Direbeak Team Rumble
    • Direbeak Reunion
  5. Complete each quest in the chain, which will become available after the daily reset, and be patient, as it may take a few weeks to finish.
  6. Once you’ve completed the Direbeak Reunion quest, you’ll be rewarded with the Brilliant Direbeak mount.

It’s worth noting that you may encounter issues with the orphan not spawning after killing the Matriarch. If this happens, wait for the respawn or double-check to see if you’ve completed the requirements to see the orphan by running the scripts below. Also, remember to pick up the food from the vendors at the closest flight paths to each world quest area.