Hunter Rare Pets


Here you can buy World of Warcraft (WoW) Hunter Rare Pets Boost.

In case you are tired waiting spawn of desired pet or don’t know how to get it – we will tame it for you.

We will catch and tame any your desired pet.

Price is same for all pets.

Boost takes 1-7 days depends on how rare is pet you want.

We do this service with account sharing.


  • Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

  • We will need access to your account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. The account will be occupied while we work.
  • Please remove the authenticator from your account or cancel “Ask code each time I login” mode. Your account will still be protected by the secret question.


The pride of any great Hunter of Azeroth is his collection of rare pets. But it is not easy. You look with envy at the rare pets other hunters? Do you want to get the best rare pet, but you don’t have time to track them? Do not be sad. We can help you. Our experienced hunters will help you find any pet that you need.

Our service will help you become the owner of any in-game pet. If you know what you want – just tell us, and contact our support service and we will help you choose exactly what you need. We get boost hunters rare pets and spirit beasts. We can help you get your pet in the shortest possible time. Our service is not only a guarantee of high quality, but low prices.

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Buy rare pets for Hunter

If you want to become an owner of a gorgeous dog, you can buy from us The Kurken. You don’t have to sit in anticipation of his appearance. We will do it for you and you will become the owner of a pet with the ability Ancient Hysteria. With it you will be welcome in any raid, in which there is no mage or shaman.

If you’re a real collector and want to get the most beautiful pets in the game, your collection will not be complete without the Tsul’Kalu. This pet very rarely appears in the eyes of hunters, so look for it can be a very long time. In addition we have you can boost any of the rare pet for Hunter. Buy Rex Ashil and many others rare hunter’s pets.

Buy spirit beast for Hunter

Spirit beasts are a special kind of hunter pets, which are very rarely found in Azeroth. The most dedicated hunters spend days, weeks and months looking for their spirits and to collect the full collection can take even a year! If you want to buy Spirit Beasts, come in to our store. Here you can order any services for tame pet. If you want to beautiful spirit bear, buy Arcturis and go everywhere with a beautiful rare pet. Write us and we’ll help you get it.

If you like Panthers, then you’ll get a variety of spirits of the beast. One of them is Ankha. This beautiful green Spectral Tiger, which can become yours. In addition, green pet you can buy Spectral Tiger of a different color. Magria blue or purple Gondria will become your faithful companions who will accompany you on your adventures in Azeroth. They will become an indispensable part of your collection. One of the most beautiful perfume is Loque’nahak. Buy spirit beast and don’t waste a week on their searches.

In addition to the Tigers, the game has a lot of birds, porcupines, wolves and other magnificent perfume. One of them is the most difficult in getting pet – bird Ban’thalos. But you can get it very quickly and easily. You don’t have to sit near the computer for days trying to get into an owl. Our professional players will help get for you Karoma or any other spectral animal. We do not use any additional programs, so no one have any questions about your new pets. Here you will get a quality service for a low price. Write to us and get hunt pet carry and top up your collection of beautiful pets.