Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat

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Mount farming time can vary depending on the RNG of the Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chests

Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat Boost Requirements

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 How to Get the Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat Mount

The Colossal Wraithbound Mawrat is a rare mount that can be obtained by looting the Spectral Mawrat’s Tail from a Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chest in Zereth Mortis. These chests can spawn in random locations around the zone, and they have a chance to contain the mount.

Tips for Finding the Supply Chest:

Finding the Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chest can be challenging, but there are a few tips you can follow to increase your chances of success. Here are some of our top tips:

  1. Use the Door of Shadows or Dimensional Translators: The Door of Shadows ability available to Venthyr covenant players is a powerful tool that can help you quickly navigate through Zereth Mortis. This ability allows you to teleport to a targeted location within 35 yards, making reaching the Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chest easier. Alternatively, you can use Dimensional Translators to teleport to different locations throughout the zone.
  2. Check the Spawn Points: The Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chest can spawn in various locations around Zereth Mortis, so it’s important to check all of the known spawn points. These include the areas around the Altar of Domination, the Mawsworn Command Post, the Ve’nari Refuge, and the Beastwarrens.
  3. Fly After Unlocking Flying: Once you’ve unlocked flying in Zereth Mortis, locating the Treasure Mawsworn Supply Chest will become much easier. You can quickly fly around the zone and check all the spawn points until you find the chest.