Cryptic Aurelid

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 How to get the Cryptic Aurelid Mount

The Cryptic Aurelid is rewarded with the From A to Zereth achievement. This meta-achievement can be completed in the zone of Zereth Mortis, which is located in the Shadowlands expansion.

To obtain the achievement and the mount, you need to complete the following tasks:

  1. Complete the storyline: The first step is to complete the storyline in the zone, which can take around 2-3 hours. This is a straightforward process and involves completing quests and interacting with NPCs.
  2. Defeat rares: Defeat all rares in the zone for the Adventurer of Zereth Mortis achievement. The rares in this zone have a quick respawn timer and are relatively easy to find.
  3. Complete Dune Dominance: This achievement requires you to defeat three specific rares in the zone: Iska, Outrider of Ruin, Reanimatrox Marzan, and High Reaver Damaris. Once you have defeated these rares, the Dune Dominance achievement will be granted.
  4. Cyphers of the First Ones: This achievement requires you to unlock all the skills from the Cypher Console. This involves finding and collecting Cypher Keys, which are scattered throughout the zone.
  5. The Enlightened: Earn exalted status with The Enlightened, which is a faction in the zone. This can be done by completing quests and world quests, killing rares and looting treasures.
  6. Synthe-fived!: This achievement requires you to craft five different Protoform creatures at Zereth Mortis’s Protoform Forges. The forges are located throughout the zone and are easy to find.
  7. Treasures of Zereth Mortis: Discover the hidden treasures around Zereth Mortis for achievement.

Once you have completed all of these tasks, you will be awarded the From A to Zereth achievement, and the Cryptic Aurelid mount will be added to your collection.


  • Keep an eye out for rare mobs as they have a chance to drop items that can be used in crafting at the Protoform Forges.
  • You can increase your reputation gains with The Enlightened by using Contract: The Enlightened, which can be purchased from the auction house. 
  • Additionally, you can use Darkmoon Top Hat or other reputation buff items to boost your gains further. Remember that these buffs have a limited duration, so use them strategically, such as when turning in quests or completing activities that award reputation.