Dreamlight Runestag

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Mount Farming takes 1 – 2 days

Dreamlight Runestag Boost Requirements

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 How to Get the Dreamlight Runestag Mount

The Dreamlight Runestag is a unique and stunning mount available to players who have joined the Night Fae covenant. If you’re interested in adding this mount to your collection, here’s a step-by-step guide to help you get it.

Step 1: Join the Night Fae Covenant

The first and most important step to obtaining the Dreamlight Runestag is to join the Night Fae covenant. This can be done by speaking with Lady Moonberry in Ardenweald or Oribos and completing the introductory questline. You must have a character at level 60+ and have completed the questline that takes you to Oribos to select your covenant.

Step 2: Start of the Night Fae Campaign

Once you have joined the Night Fae covenant, you can begin working on the Night Fae campaign. This can be done by speaking with Lady Moonberry and accepting The Heart of the Forest quest.

Step 3: Complete the “What’s My Motivation?” Quest

The Dreamlight Runestag mount is a reward for completing the “What’s My Motivation?” quest, the final quest in Chapter 1 of the Night Fae campaign. To complete this quest, you must have completed all the previous quests in Chapter 1.

Step 4: Enjoy Your New Mount!

Congratulations! You have now obtained the Dreamlight Runestag mount and can enjoy riding it throughout Azeroth. This mount has a unique appearance and will turn heads wherever you go.