Elemental Overflow Farm

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How to farm and spend Elemental Overflow

Elemental Overflow is a valuable in-game currency that can be farmed during Elemental Storm events and spent on various items, including gear and mounts. In this guide, we’ll cover how to farm Elemental Overflow and what you can spend it on.

Farming Elemental Overflow:

  1. Elemental Storm events: These events can spawn in any zone, and a small icon will appear on your map to indicate their presence. Participate in these events to farm Elemental Overflow.
  2. Farm Elemental Overflow from mobs: During the Elemental Storm, four specific areas will have mobs that drop Elemental Overflow when defeated. Focus your efforts on these areas to maximize your farm.
  3. Complete related quests: Some quests, like Supporting the Storm Researchers, also reward Elemental Overflow upon completion.

For a visual guide on farming Elemental Overflow, check out this video tutorial.

Spending Elemental Overflow:

  1. Purchase gear and mounts: You can spend Elemental Overflow on item level 359 gear and the Stormhide Salamanther mount. A full gear set will require 3,150 Elemental Overflow.
  2. Vendor Mythressa: The vendor who sells these items is Mythressa, located in Valdrakken.

For the vendor’s location, refer to this video.

Take a look at our Comprehensive 10.0.7 Patch Overview Guide for additional details!

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