Dragonflight Engineering Leveling Boost

As part of the New Dragonflight expansion and Patch 10.0, World of Warcraft’s profession system has undergone its most extensive revision to date. It will be interesting to see how the player population responds to the new emphasis on professions and whether or not players find it worthwhile to put in the time and effort required to level up in a profession.

As each profession now provides a wide array of bonuses that remain potent throughout the game, crafting has emerged as a new means of powering up and reaching the endgame. In DF, the finest crafted items will be on par with or even superior to the loot you acquire from Mythic raids.

Even while professions are now a feasible endgame option, reaching their full potential takes a lot more time and effort, and there are many levels of full potential! The introduction of specialities means that increasing your skill level is no longer the sole method to earn better crafts; instead, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time perfecting your profession’s stats and crafting a talent build that yields the highest quality crafts.

Every profession requires its own set of skills and specialized knowledge The new Dragonflight system may be a wonderful addition for people who take joy in developing their Engineering abilities. To avoid having to master all the new features of the profession, the rest of the players may wish to consider our WoW DF Engineering leveling service.

Product Includes

  • Boosting your character’s Engineering skill to level 100 in Dragonflight;
  • Ability to craft various devices for all intents and purposes, like goggles with unique tinker sockets, that give you the ability to use flamethrowers, turn invisible, battle rez other players and more!
  • some of the products that we made in the process of leveling your Engineering profession.

This boost will be completed in Dragonflight Engineering Leveling Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


The duration of the boost depends on your current progress. The time it takes to raise your Engineering skill level also depends on your Renown level with various Dragonflight factions and may reach 15 days if your Renown is low.

Additional Options

Gaining Profession Knowledge for specializations is almost entirely separate service and as such, it is sold separately from the profession skill boost. Every specialization you select will add overhead to the total ETA of the service, and may prolong it significantly. The upper limit of the estimates you’ll see below has been calculated assuming that you have previously spent all or nearly all of the profession knowledge points you gained from your initial crafts. The player in this situation will boost specialization by completing daily quests, which is slow. The lower limit assumes that you have plenty of first-craft knowledge available.

  • Optimized Efficiency— focusing on the basics will help you excel in all areas of Engineering. Gives you a broad array of stat bonuses. Maxing out Optimized Efficiency takes 30-50 days.
  • Explosives lets you craft bombs for yourself and for sale. Fully leveling Explosives takes 25-44 days on top of the boost’s total ETA.
  • Function Over Form — focuses on producing useful things like tools and supplies that explorers and artisans may utilize in their activities. Maxing out Function Over Form takes roughly 27-46 days.
  • Mechanical Mind — handles everything else, mostly consumables and utility devices. Leveling Mechanical Mind from scratch to the max takes ~20-36 days.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

Access to a gathering profession. You must have it as your second profession on the same character or have a level 70 alt with a gathering profession. At the very least, your second profession slot has to be free.

If you choose the “I Need Only Spec Leveling”, then your Engineering skill level has to be 100.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Battle.net Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

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