Geosynchronous World Spinner

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Mount crafting time 2-5 days

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 How to get the Geosynchronous World Spinner Mount

The Geosynchronous World Spinner mount is a flying mount that players can obtain through Pandaria Engineering. To make the mount, players must have a skill level of 75 in engineering and gather the required materials.

Materials required to make the mount:

  • 12x Living Steel
  • 12x Trillium Bar
  • 12x Spirit of Harmony
  • 20x Ghost Iron Bolts
  • 3x Orb of Mystery

Living Steel and Trillium Bar can be created through transmutation, while Spirit of Harmony can be obtained through various means, such as gathering or killing certain mobs. Ghost Iron Bolts are made from Ghost Iron Bars, which can be obtained through mining.

Orbs of Mystery are the most difficult material to obtain, as they are expensive. They can be purchased from Big Keech for 20000 gold, in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, or from the Auction House.

Once you have gathered the necessary materials, you can use your Pandaria Engineering skill to craft the Geosynchronous World Spinner mount.