Great Golden Kodo

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Great Golden Kodo Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount Farming takes 1-2 weeks

Great Golden Kodo Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Great Golden Kodo Mount

The Great Golden Kodo is a highly sought-after kodo mount that can be purchased for 500g and 5 Champion’s Seals from Horde Doru Thunderhorn, the Thunder Bluff Quartermaster at the Argent Tournament.

Here are the steps you need to follow to acquire this mount:

Step 1: Complete the Argent Tournament quests

The Argent Tournament is located in Icecrown and is home to various quests and events. To access the Great Golden Kodo mount, you must complete several quests and earn Champion’s Seals.

Step 2: Earn 5 Champion’s Seals

Champion’s Seals are a currency earned from completing quests at the Argent Tournament. These can be used to purchase the Great Golden Kodo mount from Doru Thunderhorn.

Step 3: Have 500g

In addition to the Champion’s Seals, you must have 500g to purchase the Great Golden Kodo mount.

Step 4: Visit Horde Doru Thunderhorn

Once you have the required Champion’s Seals and Gold, head to the Argent Tournament and visit Doru Thunderhorn. He is located in the Horde tent near the center of the tournament grounds.

Step 5: Purchase the Great Golden Kodo Mount

Using your Champion’s Seals and gold, purchase the Great Golden Kodo mount from Horde Doru Thunderhorn.