Kyrian Covenant Campaign

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The boost takes 1 – 2 days. Completing the Kyrian Covenant Campaign grants access to numerous rewards:

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Your character has to belong to Kyrian Covenant.

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About Kyrian Covenant Campaign Boost from Epiccarry

Covenants are a new feature presented to us in the Shadowlands. Once you hit the max level, you’ll have to commit to one of four major forces of Shadowlands, which all offer unique and valuable rewards.

The Kyrian Covenant dwells in the Bastion, a gleaming realm that has seen no living soul in a long time. As angelic chaperons, they are in charge of leading souls to the afterlife. The news of the arrival of living mortals was equally unexpected to the denizens of Bastion and to the inhabitants of Azeroth alike.

Aspirants who are to bolster the Kyrian Covenant are tasked with shedding their mortal life’s burdens and attachments and adopt a new physical form to lose self and completely focus on their angelic mission and goals. They value pureness, modesty, righteousness, and above all, service. But lately, Kyrian lived is being interfered with by the Forsworn, Kyrian Aspirants that failed to complete a rite of passage. Their spirits, previously radiant, now blackened are forever doomed to weep on the plains of Bastion.

If you intend to commit to Kyrian Covenant, you should prepare to confront the Forsworn — a faction of Kyrian aspirants that failed their initiation and work to build the strength of Elysian Hold, the Kyrian fortress. The story culminates with you spearheading an assault on the Citadel of Loyalty to drive off the Forsworn from the Bastion once and for all.


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