Awakened Raids Full Gear Boost

Buy the Awakened Raids full gear boost service to achieve the most wanted and powerful Dragonflight Season 4 gear. You will get the new 493 – 528 pieces of awakened gear. We will complete the awakened raids carry runs the required number of times until you get the full gear. Our service will help you become well-equipped and prepared for any in-game challenges until the Dragonflight add-on. Buy Awakened raid boost gearing, and forget about wipes and pug runs. Epiccarry’s awakened raid boosts is a top-notch gearing service!

Service Includes

You can choose either Awakened Raids Full Gear Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Awakened Raids Full Gear Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 24 hours;
Estimated Completion time: 30 days.

Additional Options

Stream — you will get the link on a personal stream to control all the processes;
500,000 gold — we will prepare 500,000 gold for your comfortable gaming journey.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 70 character. You can purchase our Dragonflight leveling boost if your game character doesn’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

When you buy Awakened raid boost gearing service, you may be sure that your service will be completed by professional players who know all the raiding mechanics. You may check all the steps of your awakened raids gear boost service:

  1. Choose the desired difficulty and options of your awakened raid carry full gear service and complete the purchase;
  2. In 3-10 minutes after completing an order, one of our customer support agents will reach you to discuss all the dragonflight season 4 awakened full gear carry details and service completion time;
  3. According to the chosen options:
    • For Piloted – we will ask you to provide us with log and pass data to your account to allow one of our professional boosters to log in; you are free to choose the stream option in case you wish to control the full awakened raids gear boost process;
    • For Self Play – our boosting squad members will invite you to the raid on the selected difficulty at the scheduled time to complete the awakened raids;
  4. One of our rading squads will clear the awakened raid dungeon required amount of time till you get the awakened full gear carry completed;
  5. Full gear boosts provide random gear from the specified raid and difficulty and we do not hunt for particular items. Check out other offers if you are interested in specific gear
  6. After completing the awakened raid full gear boost, we will ask you to leave feedback. It will improve our future service completion process.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I choose the desired raid for my Awakened raid full gear boosting?

During the communication with the customer support agent, you may add a note about what awakened raid runs you prefer, and we will try to focus on gearing on that dungeon. This means we will request the raiders to give you the items from that raid even if you already have them from other raids. However, there are 3 awakened raids in WoW – Aberrus, Amirdrassil, and Vault of the Incarnates. Riders will run all 3 of them to complete your Dragonflight season 4 Full gear boost as fast as possible. Awakened full gear service will count as completed when you get a piece of item in each raid slot.

What will be the loot priority during my gearing awakened raid boosts?

You will get your dragonflight fourth season full gear depends on the chosen options. For Mythic awakened raid boosts, your service will be completed in armor-type loot priority; however, heroic and normal difficulties will be performed with group loot options.

Does Great Vault count into the awakened raid boost gearing?

Yes, items obtained from Great Vault are counted into the dragonflight expansion 4 full gear boost. However, we assure you that our professional wow players will choose the best gear and the rarest items from available loot rewards in the weekly chest.

Will I get my Awakened full gear raid runs including the last boss?

We will not stop clearing full awakened raids, including the last boss, till you get the Awakened full gear on chosen difficulty.