Dragonflight Mining Leveling Boost

Professions in World of Warcraft have been completely reworked in the new Dragonflight expansion. While there are some new twists in the gathering process, the basic idea is still the same. With regard to Mining in particular, not much has changed from the earlier expansions. While searching the four areas of Dragon Isles for nodes and resources, you must follow all the usual procedures. In Dragon Isles, you’ll find Tyrivite ore, Draconium Ore, and Khaz’gorite Ore. Tyrivite ore has its own nodes, and Draconium ore, which is more rare, has its own nodes as well. Khaz’gorite ore can be found randomly in either Tyrivite or Draconium nodes.

However, while Dragonflight Mining shares many parallels with previous WoW expansions, it also has several significant distinctions. The primary one is the flight mechanics. The new update makes flying immediately available, which will significantly improve your efficiency when collecting herbs. An additional novelty is the empowered nodes. Each empowered node would have its own unique Rousing crafting reagent, much like the motes we used to have in TBC. You can discover them on Elemental Monsters and other creatures with ties to those elements, and they may also be harvested from various herb nodes. There’s Rousing Air, Earth, Fire, Frost, Blood, Decay, and Order.

Just like every other primary profession in the game, Mining now benefits from profession stats. Gathering stats are pretty straightforward and give you meaningful boosts in some aspect of gathering:

  • Finesse allows you to gather more of the standard material from any source;
  • Deftness speeds up your gathering;
  • Perception gives you a higher chance of finding rare materials.

Gathering professions have been known as safe bets since the first World of Warcraft game came out. They are easy to figure out, suit every class very well and synergize with each other. Moreover, they also pay well and don’t require much thought at all. You can just fly in circles around the zone and mine from the deposits and that’s it. When you’re done, you can sell the mats at the Auction House for a lot of gold. They do make you do a lot of legwork, though! The good news is that gathering will be less monotonous in Dragonflight, which should be more fun. Still, you might want to hire other players to help you level up your Mining profession. You can do that if you buy our Dragonflight Mining Leveling Boost. Get all the benefits of a maxed-out profession without having to level it up!

Product Includes

  • Boosting your character’s Mining Level to 100 in Dragonflight;
  • Ability to gather ore from mining deposits;
  • all the raw mats that we’ve gathered while leveling your Mining profession.

This boost will be completed in Dragonflight Mining Leveling Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode.


Your current rate of progress will determine how long the boost will last. The time required to go from level 1 to level 100 in Mining is usually 1-3 days.

Mining Specializations Leveling

Gaining Profession Knowledge for specializations is almost entirely separate service and as such, it is sold separately from the profession skill boost. Every specialization you select will add overhead to the total ETA of the service, and may prolong it significantly. The upper limit of the estimates you’ll see below has been calculated assuming that you have previously spent all or nearly all of the profession knowledge points you gained from your initial crafts. The player in this situation will boost specialization by completing daily quests, which is slow. The lower limit assumes that you have plenty of first-craft knowledge available.

  • Mining Process — your general tree. In addition to the Skill stat, unlocking new talents in this tree gives a bonus to all your secondary profession stats: Deftness, Finesse and Perception. Maxing out Bountiful Harvests takes 29-34 days.
  • Metallurgy — allows you to specialize in mining specific kinds of ores, giving you stats when harvesting from nodes you specialize in. More importantly, by investing in this tree you’ll unlock the ability to refine materials, turning a number of lower-quality materials into a higher-quality variant. Fully learning Metallurgy takes 27-33 days on top of the boost’s total ETA.
  • Mastering the Elements — by putting your knowledge in this spec tree you improve your skill when mining from empowered deposits. Leveling Mastering the Elements from scratch to the max takes roughly 48-57 days.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

If you choose the “I Need Only Spec Leveling”, then your Mining Level has to be 100.

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