Mythic+6 Boost

Mythic+6 Carry service is a nice option for acquiring a new 502 item-level gear. With Mythic 6 Boost service, you may get a guaranteed 515 ilvl item in the weekly vault chest. Get your Best in slot 502 item-level gear without wasting time on wipes. Our Mythic+6 boosting service is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, in the EU and the US. Order Mythic+6 boost service now and get it done in 30 minutes. We guarantee top service quality and a team of professional boosters completing your Mythic 6 carry.

Service Includes

  • Mythic+6 dungeon completion;
  • Guaranteed 515 ilvl gear item from the Great Vault;
  • Chance to loot 502 ilvl item during the run;
  • Awakened Aspect Crests pieces (gear upgrading resources);
  • Mythic+ Rating score boost;
  • Some Flightstones.

You can choose either Mythic+6 Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Mythic+6 Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes;
Estimated Completion time: 30-45 minutes.

Additional Options

With Timer – we will complete your Mythic+ 6 boost service in time;
Specific Dungeon – we will complete your Mythic 6 carry in a chosen specific dungeon;
Loot Traders – by adding a number of extra traders to your run you increase the odds of getting additional loot at the end of the run traded to you by the team that will match your armor type. The average item level of our Loot traders is 502+;
Stream – we will provide a personal link to your M+6 boosting process.


Active World of Warcraft subscription.
Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it Works

Buying Mythic+6 boost, you may be sure of the service’s high quality. Mythic 6 carries will be provided by one of the top M+ squads. Here are the boosting steps:

  1. Choose the mode and additional options you are interested in. Complete the purchase with one of the payment methods you prefer;
  2. In 3-7 minutes after a successful purchase, you will be contacted by one of our customer support agents to discuss all the details of the mythic carry order;
  3. Depends on the chosen wow mythic 6 service boosting method:
    • For Piloted – we kindly ask you to prepare and share the log and pass account credentials with us, which will allow one of our wow m+ boosters to log in. You are free to request a link on a personal stream to control all the wow mythic+ 6 boosting process;
    • For Self Play – please be ready for a group invite that will complete a wow mythic boost on a chosen keystone difficulty;
  4. The squad of professional boosters will complete a WoW Mythic 6 boost for you, according to the chosen options;
  5. Our customer support managers will inform you about your successful completion of the Wow Mythic 6 boost and congratulate you with new 502 ilvl items and access to the 515 ilvl great vault gear piece weekly rewards.

We would appreciate any fair positive or negative feedback about our service. It will help us improve. The satisfaction of every customer is our number one priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

May I be AFK during the Mythic 6 Boost service?

If you have chosen a Self Play option, you can participate in the dungeon-clearing process. However, if you are busy with other staff, it is normally in case you will be AFK. Our Mythic+ boosting team is experienced enough to complete the clear even in the timer option with just 4 members.

What is the current WoW Mythic Dungeon list?

The list of wow mythic dungeons changes with each season. Usually, it is 8 dungeons that are a mix of current and previous old contents. Here is the list of currently active M+ dungeons:

  • The Nokhud Offensive;
  • Brackenhide Hollow;
  • Neltharus;
  • Ruby Life Pools;
  • The Azure Vault;
  • Algeth’ar Academy;
  • Halls of Infusion;
  • Uldaman: Legacy of Tyr.

Why do I need a WoW Mythic+ rating score?

Each player receives the score for successful completion of dungeons with Fortified and Tyrannical weeks. The size of the score depends on the wow mythic dungeon keystone difficulty and speed of its completion. Each of the dungeons has its score, which means completing the dungeon a few times in the same type of week will award you points only once according to the most successful run. With this score, players may determine the skill of the other party members, which means if you are going to do a high mythic+ keys, you will most probably invite players with a high m+ rating. The rating is also used for rewards – reaching 1000, 1500 and 2000 total ratings will award you unique achievements such as Keystone Master, Hero, or Conqueror. Buy Mythic 6 boost and get a high m+ dungeon rating score.

    Additional Options:


    Timer Icon 16x15Finding a specific key usually takes up to 3 hours.

    Loot Traders:



    Choose 3 and Get 10% off.

    Choose 6 and Get 15% off.

    15% Discount applied!