Mythic+ Specific Gear Farm

Buy WoW Mythic+ Specific Gear Farm service and save your time with our professional boosting service. Our team is ready 24/7 to get your desired Mythic+ item. Just choose a specific item, and you may count it as completed. We will get your gear loot with a blazing speed.

The service provided by Epiccarry will allow you to reduce the time it takes to receive a specific item and spend the saved time on other, more fun activities. Our service is suitable for players who want to go through inaccessible or too complex content and get high-quality items and earn gold and other items. Just order an M+ Specific item boost and enjoy your new gear!

Service Includes

  • Multiple Mythic+ runs on the chosen difficulty;
  • Flightstones Currency;
  • Obtaining any item on your choice 499 to 509 ilvl from Mythic+ keys;
  • Gold and other loot that drops during the boost;
  • The weekly reward from the Great Vault depends on the level of the key.

You can choose either Mythic+ Specific Gear Farm | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Mythic+ Specific Gear Farm | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery info

Estimated start time: 1 hour;
Estimated completion time: 12-24 hours.

Additional options

Stream – watch the boost online;
500k gold – you can choose a service, the essence of which is farming a certain amount of gold;


Active World of Warcraft subscription;
Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

Mythic+ Specific Gear Boost is created for the fast gear farming process. You may choose the item you are interested in, and our professional boosters will get it for you. We have prepared a step-by-step guide instructions that will allow you to get your M+ Specific Item carry:

  1. Choose the slot and ilvl of the desired item and complete the purchase;
  2. Our specialists will contact you within 3-10 minutes to discuss the details and schedule your M+ boost.
  3. Depends on the chosen options:
    1. For Piloted – we will ask you to provide the log and pass data. One of our professional boosters will log into your account to complete the service. Please request the personal stream in case you are interested;
    2. For Self Play – one of our boosting team members will invite you to the Mythic Plus carry squad at the scheduled time;
  4. Boosters will do the required amount of runs till you get your chosen mythic+ specific item;
  5. One of your customer support agents will reach you the moment we get the M+-specific item;
  6. Congratulations, the desired item is now in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

May I be AFK during the boost?

Of course, it doesn’t matter if you are at the computer or doing your own thing. We will complete the dungeon even with only four members playing. Your character can follow our team in auto-follow mode.

Can I spread out the dungeon runs over several days?

Yes, you won’t need to spend 12-24 hours with our specialists; everything can be accomplished in 2-3 runs.

How do Mythic Plus keys work?

You spend your Mythic Keystones to activate a certain level key. Depending on the key level, the game will determine the time and difficulty it takes to complete the dungeon. If you fail in time, the key level will be decreased.

Why should I choose epiccarry?

Closing high-level mythical keys is always a risk. You cannot be sure you will get to the last boss by assembling a team on your own. But when you go through the dungeons with us, you can fully rely on our players, who have extensive experience in closing them.

Our team pays special attention to the entire process of creating a boost route. In addition, our professionals do not skimp on sharing useful tips that may help you complete other dungeons and increase your item level.

May I order any custom service with my Mythic+ Specific Gear Farm?

Epiccarry listens to its customers, so if you want to add additional options to a specific service, do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts will help you achieve the result you need. Epiccarry is a team of experienced players who listen to their customers and strive to do the job on their terms. By buying a service from us, you not only buy a certain gear, you get excellent service and a lot of new experience in passing the content of the World of Warcraft. After successfully completing the dungeon, you can leave your feedback on our website so that we can improve our work in the future.

Who will be playing on my account?

It all depends on the day of the week that you prefer for runs and the class you are playing in. Based on these factors, we select a member of our team who will produce equipment that arouses your interest. You can be sure that one of our verified members who passed the KYC will be playing on your account.

May I order a farm of 2 trinkets at the same time?

Yes, for sure. We can easily farm all the chosen trinkets until they drop according to your chosen item level. We guarantee that we will make every effort to get the items you are interested in. Our work will be completed only when all the items we have guaranteed drop out.