Dragonflight Season 4 Preparation Bundle

The next WoW Patch will bring us Dragonflight Season 4, updating Raiding, Mythic Dungeons, PvP mechanics, and rewards. Most of the Season 3 achievements and gear will become unobtainable, so we have prepared the “must-have” S3 features so you do not miss them. It includes all the seasonal feats of strengths, achievements, mounts, titles, and gear that will be removed. Please do not waste your valuable time and allow our professional boosters to get these ultimate seasonal rewards in the shortest terms. Just choose the preferable options and enjoy your boost!

Service Includes

According to the chosen options Bundle may include:

You can choose either Dragonflight Season 4 Preparation Bundle | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Dragonflight Season 4 Preparation Bundle | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 30-60 minutes, depending on chosen options.
Estimated Completion Time: depends on the chosen options.

Additional Options

BiS PvP Gear – includes the latest meta gear, two embellished crafted items, every conquest item available, tier set, and crafted jewelry. This selection will outfit your character with everything needed for top-tier PvP content, and it’s the option we suggest.
PvP 476 ilvl Honor gear – you will get a piece of the 476 ilvl honor gear on each slot of your gear;
PvP 489 Conquest gear – you will get all available 489 ilvl conquest gear;
Stream – we’ll provide you with a personal stream of your boosting service (please request it before it starts).
Add 500000 Gold — we will provide you with 500000 gold coins in bulk for more comfortable playing.


An active WoW subscription;
Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.
Minimum PvP 476 Honor Gear for Elite PvP Gear option;
BIS PvP Gear for Gladiator and Legend options.

How It Works

We have prepared a short guide to clarify the dungeon boost process:

  • After you’ve picked out your preferred service options and made the payment, please check your email for a confirmation of payment receipt from Epiccary.
  • In 3-10 minutes after your purchase, an Epiccary support agent will contact you to clarify each detail of your order and assign a veteran World of Warcraft player from our dedicated team to your dungeon boost.
  • Depends on the chosen boosting mode:
    • For the Self Play option we will ask you to be ready for your boost in the scheduled time;
    • For the Piloted option, we will need your WoW account information. Please have it ready in advance. 
  • We’ll coordinate the timing of the playthrough to avoid interfering with your schedule and ensure that you gain the true game experience.
  • If you wish, we can arrange a private broadcast of the run for you so that you can enjoy watching your hero complete his boosting adventure.
  • Once Epiccary’s booster completes your services, a customer support team will contact you using your preferred method so that you can log back into your account and familiarize yourself with the boost results.
  • Congratulations on the fantastic loot, title, mounts, or achievements rewards.

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