WoW Evoker Starter Campaign Boost

Dragonflight’s most notable addition is a new playable race and class. As of the Dragonflight pre-patch on November 15, the game will have a brand-new Heroic class: the Evoker. They are ranged DPS/healers who wield Mail armor and focus on magic. Only Dracthyr, a race native to the Dragon Isles, has the ability to roll evokers, and you can only have one per realm. For the first time ever, WoW Dragonflight introduces a race/class combination. The Dracthyr is a shapeshifting and highly mobile race that can transform between a human-like appearance and a terrifying draconic form, and the Evoker class, which is race-bound to them, can specialize in either doing ranged damage or healing their allies.

The Dragonflight Evoker’s leveling process will mirror that of previous heroic classes. Dracthyrs begin at level 58, allowing them to quickly catch up with non-heroic classes. To begin the Dragonflight leveling campaign, a Dracthyr player must complete an introductory quest chain in a special starting area called The Forbidden Reach. The zone has a lot of verticality to it, which allows you to truly appreciate the vertical mobility that is innate to all Dracthyr characters. Completing quests in the Forbidden Reach will quickly put you at level 60, which is the level cap for SL.

Dragonflight Evoker Level Boost allows you to make the process of starting your new Evoker quicker yet. Most importantly, our player will complete the Dracthyr starter campaign, which locks your character in the zone until it’s finished. By buying our product, you completely skip the starting zone and get an Evoker character equipped with level 225+ items which is more than enough to begin DF climb to level 70 without having to do any of the usual preparation. In addition, you will have access to the Dragonriding system, a brand new flight system, which will allow you to effortlessly soar across the Dragon Isles and take pleasure in a brand new amazing gameplay mechanic. And as a cherry on top, you’ll unlock an achievement and one of four unique Vorquin mounts.

What You’ll Get

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