Raszageth Mythic Boost

Get a Raszageth Mythic Boost and kill the last boss of Mythic Awakened Vault of the Incarnates! Gear up for a big fight in WoW Dragonflight expansion Patch 10.2.6. Do not be afraid of those storms! Be The Storm of Dragon Isles with the Awakened Vault of the Incarnates raid! Join hard Raszageth Mythic boss battles like you’ve never seen!

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Pay attention! You can choose Regular or Awakened Raid.

Service Includes

You can choose either Raszageth Mythic Boost | Buy BoostSelf-Play or Raszageth Mythic Boost | Buy BoostPiloted mode for this boost.

Delivery Info

Estimated Start Time: 15 minutes.
Estimated Completion time: up to 7 days (168 hours).

Additional Options

Add Mythic +10 — add extra M+10 run service with a good discount to your Raszageth boss order and get more loot.
Add x3+1 Free Mythic +10
— get 3 M+10 runs and get one more for free, perfect for increasing your item level.
Stream — watch VotI raid last boss Mythic Raszageth carry live during account sharing.


Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

How it works

Prepare for an action-packed boss kill with our pro team in the Awakened Vault of the Incarnates Mythic Raszageth carry on chosen difficulty. Here’s a quick guide to kick things off before Raszageth mythic kill:

  1. Reach out to us to grab a slot in the VotI raid to defeat Raszageth. We’ll make sure your storm eater boost booked and chat about what additional options you prefer.
  2. Check that your character is the right level and has good gear. We’ll hand you a list of things to bring in online chat.
  3. If you’re diving in with us in self play mode, our support team will show you how to join storm eater boost. If you’d rather accept an account sharing we take over storm eater boost, you can relax and we’ll sort out the boss.
  4. Feel the thrill of teaming up as we go at Raszageth boss carry service together. Our top raid chiefs will give live tips and plans to make most powerful boss Raszageth carry work smooth.
  5. When Raszageth’s down, we’ll hand out treasures and other rewards as we agreed. You might get your hands on top-tier gear and maybe a cool, rare mount.
  6. With the raid done, we’ll sum up what we did and talk about any more help you want with your character or other Raszageth carries.

Eager to jump into one of the most thrilling boss kill? Buy Raszageth mythic boost kill and come with us! Dive into the excitement of the Awakened Raszageth Mythic kill raid group with expert help all the way. Let’s win final boss with Raszageth boost!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get Loot for Killing Raszageth?

We don’t guarantee any loot for killing Raszageth. We are unable to ensure that everyone who participates in the Storm Eater kill receives loot. It’s unlikely that first Dragonflight villain Raszageth, The Storm Eater will drop many items, given you and the other clients will be the only non-saved members of the group. If it does, you’ll be able to roll on the item, but only if you can use it and if it gives you an upgrade, as per the game’s loot distribution rules. Killing Raszageth will not ensure any rewards from us.

What kind of loot can I expect after Raszageth Mythic kill?

There are quite a number of different rewards, waiting for players in VotI since first weeks of raid release. Raszageth boss drops weapons, trinkets, and several parts of armor including tier set tokens. Raszageth, the Storm Eater, on Mythic difficulty may drop level 519 loot.

Due to the unpredictable nature of Group Loot system, we are unable to guarantee that any given player will receive a certain item or a set number of pieces of equipment per run. It’s possible that Raszageth will drop an item of level 528, but it’s not a given.

If it does happen, you can use Need and roll on an item after the fight if it is an upgrade and usable by your spec.

How do I get to Vault of the Incarnates Raid Entrance?

The dungeon portal to the Vault of the Incarnates can be found at 72, 56 in eastern Thaldraszus.

What are Vault of the Incarnates Bosses?

There are eight bosses:

  1. Eranog 
  2. Terros 
  3. The Primal Council 
  4. Sennarth, The Cold Breath
  5. Dathea, Ascended 
  6. Kurog Grimtotem
  7. Broodkeeper Diurna 
  8. Raszageth, the Storm Eater

Get a powerful boss raid boost from EpicCarry if you wish to take on all of the raid bosses on desired difficulty. All of your needs will be met by our expert boosters. By using our account sharing Raszageth mythic boss kill, you can quickly join a competent raiding party to kill last encounter.

Do you have other Vault of the Incarnates Services?

In addition to the fast Raszageth kill boost, we provide a wide range of other services related to the Vault of the Incarnates. Most of them are made to improve your odds of winning loot or gaining achievements.

If you’d like to experience the first WoW Dragonflight raid carry service with or without account sharing and get good gear, check our full VotI runs on all difficulties including mythic mode. Purchase a Mythic difficulty VotI run carry service and enjoy all of the gear available through the new Group loot system, or supplement your run with a number of loot traders to maximize loot efficiency! Or, even better, buy raszageth mythic boost or other Mythic Vault of the Incarnates carry service and get the strongest gear for your character pve encounters as well as other awesome rewards right at the start of the expansion!

Is it possible to get Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater – Achievement?

No, it is no chance to get the “Cutting Edge: Raszageth the Storm-Eater” achievement even with Raszageth boosting service. This achievement is typically available only for a limited time and awarded to players after last boss kill on Mythic difficulty before the release of the next raid tier.

This achievement is no longer obtainable, the window to earn it has already closed. Always check the latest game updates or official communications for the most current information on achievement availability.

Can I communicate with my team during the raid?

Yes, communication is crucial for effective teamwork and strategy execution during first weeks of Awakened Incarnates raid final boss fight. Note that in-game communication is restricted and monitored if it relates directly to boost or carry services to ensure compliance with game policies.

Is there a refund policy if I decide to cancel my boost?

We typically offer a partial refund if you cancel before the raid begins. However, the exact terms can vary, so please review our refund policy or contact customer service for specific details regarding last boss kill cancellations.