Seething Slug

The Seething Slug mount is a unique and visually striking addition to your mount collection, obtainable through a hidden quest in the Zaqali Caldera area of Zaralek Cavern. This article will delve into obtaining the Insidious Insight debuff, locating the Seething Cache, and finally acquiring the coveted Seething Slug mount.

Seething Slug Mount Boost Service Includes

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Seething Slug Boost Requirements

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 How to get Seething Slug Mount

Players must first accumulate three stacks of the Insidious Insight debuff to reveal the Seething Cache and gain access to the Seething Slug mount. This debuff is granted by interacting with Seething Orbs scattered throughout the Zaqali Caldera in Zaralek Cavern.

Upon obtaining the third stack of the Insidious Insight debuff, players will receive a system message stating, “You hear a dark hiss from the northern shrine…”. This message indicates that the Seething Cache has been revealed and can now be interacted with. The coordinates for the Seething Cache are:

/way #2133 32.33 39.35 Seething Cache

Head to the specified location and interact with the now visible Seething Cache to obtain the Seething Slug mount.

Important Notes

  1. Looting the Seething Cache completes the hidden quest for the entire account, meaning other characters on the same account will no longer see any Seething Orbs in the area.
  2. As the Seething Slug mount is account-bound, it will be accessible to all characters on the same account upon completing the hidden quest.