The Avowed Reputation

In Shadowlands, the Avowed is a Neutral faction with an unusual reputation system: after completing your introductory quest, which is a part of your story campaign you will improve your standing with them by acquiring Sinstone Fragments in the Halls of Atonement, exchanging them for various quest items that are used to summon and kill some bosses and mobs around the area that will offer you different amounts of reputation. The faction quartermaster sells a variety of toys such as Archivist’s Quill, Rapid Recitation Quill, and Vulgarity Arbiter, a cosmetic cloak – Ebony Crypt Keeper’s Mantle and also more useful items: an Inquisition Gargon mount if you happen to be from Venthyr Covenant and a Shadestone recipe if you chose Alchemy as your profession and you need tons of materials to craft plate legendaries in Shadowlands.

Product Description

We will boost your standing with The Avowed to the selected level by farming content that yields reputation.

Depending on the selected reputation tier, you may unlock:

The ETA of this service is 3-4 weeks.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best way to grind the Avowed rep?

The rep farm with the Avowed is grindy but very linear. You can get your rep all the way up to Honored by farming trash mobs in the Halls of Atonement dungeon. This is recommended because at Honored, the reputation grind with the Avowed slows down significantly. You will have to look for Sinstone Fragments in the Atonement Crypt area and Halls of Atonement and turn them in at Archivist Fane’s in exchange for Inquisitor Sinstone, High Inquisitor Sinstone, or Grand Inquisitor Sinstone, which all are used to remove the shield off of the titular inquisitor which then can be killed for reputation points. These mobs are basically the object of the grind. Make sure to bring some friends if you’re planning to kill the Grand one, as it’s pretty tough.

The best way to improve your standing with them is usually to find a group of like-minded players, combine your Sinstone Fragments and go all out with them, summoning as many mobs and Inquisitors as you can and repeating the grind for fragments. Remember to take this slowly, or you’ll burn out before the deed is done!

Another way would be buying The Avowed Reputation boost from Epiccarry. If you decided that you need to get Exalted with the Avowed but don’t think that grind is worth your time, you can purchase this boost. Our professional players will complete the job for you in just a couple of weeks and you’ll get access to the rewards hassle-free.

What should I spend my Sinstone fragments on?

Although you will primarily spend Sinstone fragments on Inquisitor Sinstone, High Inquisitor Sinstone, and Grand Inquisitor Sinstone, which are used to progress your rep further, this currency can also buy you various reputation rewards.

At Honored:

At Revered:

At Exalted:

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