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Here you can buy Valor Points boost to upgrade your Mythic+ gear.

In patch 9.0.5, Valor Points have made their return as a way to upgrade the Mythic+ gear through the ranks. Each piece of Mythic+ gear, including items that have been obtained through the Great Vault and regardless of the item level (as long as the item level is lower than 220) got a Rank from 1 to 12. The rank system is linear, and every rank corresponds to 3 item levels. Players can upgrade their items by spending Valor to increase the rank.

There are two ways to earn Valor Points: Calling Quests and running Mythic+ dungeons. We do this service by farming Mythic+ Dungeons (without timer).

You will get:

  • the selected amount of Valor;
  • a chance to get up to 2 items of 203-210 level;
  • gear from the Great Vault. The item level of the loot depends on the highest level of the dungeon you completed during the previous week.

We don’t use programs or bots in our work. All orders are done by hand. We can stream the progress of your boost or provide screenshots at your request.

The boost will be done in Piloted Mode Icon 16x15 Piloted mode. One of our team will play for you. You will be able to watch your character via stream. We will use the VPN of your country.


Your character’s average item level has to be 200 or higher. Use our Full Gear service if it is lower.

We will need access to your World of Warcraft account for some meaningful amount of time to work on your order. It will be occupied while we work.

Please disconnect the Authenticator or disable the "always require authenticator for login" setting in Security Settings. Your account will be protected by the secret question for the duration of your boost. Don't forget to re-enable it once we finish the service.

What is the Valor Points Cap?

The Valor points cap starts at 5000 points at the release of the content and increases by 750 points every week.

What is the Cost of Item Upgrades?

The cost varies depending on which gear piece you’re upgrading:

  • 250 Valor – Shield, Offhand, Ring, Cloak, Bracer, Neck;
  • 400 Valor- Trinket, Belt, Shoulders, Gloves, Boots;
  • 475 Valor – Helm, Legs, Chest;
  • 500 Valor – One-Handed Agility or Strength Weapon;
  • 750 Valor – One-Handed Intellect Weapon;
  • 1000 Valor – Two-Handed Weapon.

Are there any other prerequisites for upgrading gear?

Upgrading Mythic+ gear past certain levels requires Mythic-related achievements. You will need Shadowlands Keystone Explorer: Season One to be able to upgrade your gear up to level 203 (rank 7). Upgrading your items up to level 210 (rank 9) requires Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season One. And finally, Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season One allows you to upgrade your Mythic+ gear all the way up to max rank and level 220. Feel free to check out our Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror / Keystone Master Boost if you lack any of these achievements.

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