WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria Boosting

The MoP Remix event is a collector’s paradise. The opportunity to obtain many unique or rare items attracts many players. Many new mounts and cosmetic items will be purchased with Bronze currency. You can also buy rare mounts and toys from previous expansions.

By purchasing Pandaria Remix Collectibles Boost from Epiccarry, you can get any item you are interested in in your collection. It would be best if you hurried up because WoW Remix will only last 3 months, and new event items will not be available later. Take advantage of this chance!


WoW Remix allows you to get the transmogs of the Pandaria expansion and new unique cosmetic items, such as Halfhill Farmer’s Backpack or Chen Stormstout’s items. New cosmetic items can be obtained by completing activities in Pandaria locations.

Epiccarry’s WoW Remix Collectibles Carry will help you get all the new cosmetic items for your collection and earn Bronze to redeem old transmog sets.


The Pandaria Remix event offers players a wide variety of new mounts. There are as many as 30 new cool mounts and 11 rarest mounts from the Pandaria expansion, and Epiccarry will help you get any of them! MoP Remix will last only three months; you should save time because there are so many cool rewards ahead that will perfectly complement your collection of mounts.


Although Pandaria Remix only gave players two new companions, they are charming and great for pet battles. All of them are obtained to complete specific achievements. Epiccarry’s Remix Services will help you get both pets quickly and in compliance with all safety rules when sharing an account.


The MoP Remix event allows players to pull many rare toys, eliminating the need to try their luck. All toys can be purchased for the new Bronze currency. By purchasing Pandaria Remix Collectibles Boost from Epiccarry, you can get any or all of the toys. It would be best if you hurry because the rarest toys are expensive, and there are only 3 months until the event.

Why should you choose Remix Collectibles boost from Epiccarry?

The Epiccarry team has been helping its customers expand their collections with unique cosmetic items and mounts for over 12 years. We will help you quickly get what you want at any time. We care about the safety of our clients and use all precautions for piloted mode. 

During this time, we have received many satisfied reviews on Trustpilot. You can check them out and see that our services are perfect for achieving your goals. We advise you not to wait because the Pandaria Remix event will not last forever.

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