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If you need PvP services, but you want to save your money, then you can help our section – PVP Package. Here you can buy PVP Package services and get a good discount. We can help you improve the arena, up your Prestige Level, and get lots of bonuses. If you want to boost PVP coaching, then order all services coaching in one Package! Write to us and use our great offers.

If you have very low arena rating, we can help you. Here you can buy arena PvP Package , and get a discount. In the package includes arena rating, bonuses and few achievements. To get a boost of all arena rankings, you need to write to us.The kit includes:

PvP arena rating in 3v3 bracket.

Some bonuses, like Champion’s Strongbox, or Artifact Power.

PvP armor 450+ item lvl.

New achievements, like Just the Two of Us: 2000, or Three’s Company: 2000, and other.

If you want to get high arena rating in 2v2 and 3v3, and get a 15% discount, then write to us.

Write us and we’ll show you how to get any service. Buy arena PvP Package, and save 15% discount.


If you want to learn the PvP mode, learn to play his character, then take advantage of our comprehensive service – boost VIP Coaching Package. Our players will help you learn how to play your character. You will have 10 game hours with professionals, for which you will learn the secrets of the game in PvP, and on their own can get 1800 arena rating with our professionals.
PvP players will make sure your game, find bugs, as well as help you elevate your skills in PvP. If you want to buy PvP coaching at a discount, then order your set. Get boost arena ratings, analysis of his character, and new knowledge that will be useful to you in the PvP game.
Weekly PvP Chest

If you do not want to receive every week to 10 wins in arena in 3v3 or 2v2 mode, then we can help you. Buy weekly PvP support package, and forget about boring work. Our professionals will help you get the bonus thing quickly and simply. You will receive a high rating and many pleasant bonuses.
To get the VIP package, and do not waste your time for shopping every week, you can buy boost arena 3, 5 or even 7 weeks! You get a discount of 20%, and keep your ranking. Buy weeks PvP support, and don’t lose your rating, even if your rating 2400! our team of professional
PvP players will help you buy PvP sets, which will save your money. Get quality PvP coaching, weeks support and other services. Write us and we’ll show you how to get any service.

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