Adorned Vombata

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Mount Farming takes 4-5 weeks

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 How to get Adorned Vombata Mount

Step 1 – Obtain Schematic: Adorned Vombata

The Schematic: Adorned Vombata drops from the treasure Grateful Boon. Once you have obtained the schematic, you will receive the quest Schematic Reassimilation: Adorned Vombata.

Step 2 – Interact with creatures

To reach the Grateful Boon, you have two options. The first is flying in Zereth Mortis. The second is to use the Venthyr skill Door of Shadows. You will need to use Door of Shadows to interact with the Agitated Cervid located at /way 36,7, 76,2. Once you have reached the treasure, interact with all creatures nearby: 5x Agitated Vombata, 4x Agitated Cervid, and 3x Agitated Lupine.

Step 3 – Craft Adorned Vombata

After interacting with all 12 creatures, Tah Fen will spawn the treasure Grateful Boon. You can now craft the Adorned Vombata mount. The materials required are 450 Genesis Mote, 1 Vombata Lattice, and 1 Lens of Focused Intention.

  • Genesis Mote can be obtained by killing a lot of mobs in Zereth Mortis.
  • Vombata Lattice can drop from Sorranos, Vombata Matron, and Mawtouched Bull.
  • Lens of Focused Intention can be purchased from Vilo. You will need to reach Revered reputation with The Enlightened to purchase this item.