Amber Shardhide

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Amber Shardhide Mount Boost Service includes

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Mount Farming takes 3-4 weeks

Amber Shardhide Mount Boost Requirements

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 How to Obtain Amber Shardhide

The Amber Shardhide is a ground mount that is rewarded by the Death’s Advance faction in Korthia. To get the mount, you’ll need to reach Revered reputation with the Death’s Advance and have 5,000 [Stygia] available to purchase it.

Here are the steps you need to take to obtain the Amber Shardhide mount:

Step 1: Unlock Korthia

To begin your journey towards obtaining the Amber Shardhide, you’ll first need to unlock Korthia. This new zone was introduced in the Chains of Domination patch and is located in the Maw. You can unlock Korthia by completing the introductory questline that becomes available to you after completing the main story campaign of the Chains of Domination patch.

Step 2: Gain Reputation with Death’s Advance

Once you have access to Korthia, you can start working on gaining reputation with the Death’s Advance faction. This faction is unique to Korthia and has its own set of daily quests, rare spawns, and treasures that you can farm to gain reputation.

To earn reputation with Death’s Advance, you can complete daily quests, defeat rare spawns, and collect treasures throughout Korthia. 

Step 3: Purchase Amber Shardhide

After reaching Revered reputation with Death’s Advance and having 5,000 [Stygia], you can purchase the Amber Shardhide mount from Duchess Mynx, the faction vendor in Korthia. Once you have purchased the mount, it will be added to your mount collection and can be summoned by opening your mount tab.