Ascendant’s Aquilon

Ascendant’s Aquilon is a highly sought-after mount in World of Warcraft that requires players to reach Renown 70 with Kyrian and collect 7500 Reservoir Anima. 

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Mount Farming takes 1-2 weeks

Ascendant’s Aquilon Boost Requirements

Level 70 character. Use our Dragonflight leveling boost service if you don’t meet this requirement.

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 How to get the Ascendant’s Aquilon Mount

Step 1: Reach Renown 70 with Kyrian

To purchase the Ascendant’s Aquilon mount, you must first reach Renown 70 with the Kyrian covenant. Renown is earned by completing various activities in the Shadowlands, including quests, world quests, and dungeons.

Step 2: Collect Reservoir Anima

Once you have reached Renown 70 with Kyrian, you must collect 7500 Reservoir Anima. Reservoir Anima is a currency earned by completing various activities in the Shadowlands, including world quests, daily quests, and anima conductor events.

Step 3: Purchase the Mount

After collecting 7500 Reservoir Anima, head to Bastion and find Adjutant Galos. He will be located in the Elysian Hold, near the flight master. Speak to Adjutant Galos and purchase the Ascendant’s Aquilon mount for 7500 Reservoir Anima.

Congratulations! You have obtained the Ascendant’s Aquilon mount and can now enjoy soaring through the skies on this beautiful mount.

 Tips for Obtaining the Ascendant’s Aquilon Mount

  • Focus on increasing your Renown with Kyrian by completing various activities in the Shadowlands.
  • Regularly complete world quests, daily quests, and anima conductor events to earn Reservoir Anima.
  • Watch for special events or activities that may reward additional Reservoir Anima.