Autumnal Wilderling

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Mount Farming Time is 1-2 weeks.

Autumnal Wilderling Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Autumnal Wilderling

Examine This well-structured manual to grasp the Autumnal Wilderling Mount:

Step 1: Join Night Fae Covenant

The first step in obtaining the Autumnal Wilderling is to join the Night Fae Covenant. This can be done by completing the starting questline of the Shadowlands expansion and selecting Night Fae as your covenant. Once you are a covenant member, you will start earning Renown points.

Step 2: Reach Renown level 70

To purchase the Autumnal Wilderling Harness, you must reach Renown level 70 with Night Fae. Renown is a measure of your reputation with your covenant, and you earn it by completing various tasks, such as world quests, dungeons, and completing storyline quests.

To reach Renown level 70, you must complete all the available quests and tasks the Night Fae covenant provides.

Step 3: Collect Reservoir Anima

Once you reach Renown level 70, you must collect 7500 Reservoir Anima to purchase the Autumnal Wilderling Harness. Reservoir Anima is a currency you earn by completing daily and weekly quests, world quests, and activities related to your covenant. You can also earn Reservoir Anima by completing Maw and Zereth Mortis activities.

Step 4: Purchase Autumnal Wilderling Harness

Once you have collected 7500 Reservoir Anima, head over to Elwyn, located in the Heart of the Forest in Ardenweald, and purchase the Autumnal Wilderling Harness from him.