Hand of Salaranga

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Hand of Salaranga Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount Farming takes 2-3 months.

Forged Spiteflyer Boost Requirements

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 How to get Hand of Salaranga Mount

The Hand of Salaranga is a Maw-themed crawling hand mount awarded from the meta-achievement Breaking the Chains. This achievement requires completing all the open-world content added in patch 9.1(Shadowlands).

To start working on this achievement, it is recommended to begin with the On the Offensive achievement. This achievement can be completed by participating in the covenant assaults in the various zones, which are available on a rotating basis. Completing this achievement requires two activities during each covenant assault, which may include completing quests, killing rare mobs, or looting treasures.

While the other achievements required for Breaking the Chains can be completed gradually or planned, On the Offensive is the biggest roadblock due to its time requirements. Some activities may require specific quests, which can take several weeks to become available. It is recommended to check which covenant assault is active every three days and see if the required quests are available to ensure progress.

The other achievements required for Breaking the Chains include the following:

Once all of these achievements are completed, players will receive the Bracelet of Salaranga, a rare mount that is sure to impress.