Azshari Bloatray

The Azshari Bloatray is an exotic fathom ray flying mount rewarded with the achievement Glory of the Eternal Raider, which requires completing a set of challenging tasks in the Eternal Palace raid located in Nazjatar. As with any achievement mount, it can be a daunting and time-consuming task to complete on your own. That’s where our Azshari Bloatray boosting services come in to help.

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 How to get the Azshari Bloatray mount

Players must complete the Glory of the Eternal Raider achievement to obtain the Azshari Bloatray mount in World of Warcraft. This achievement requires players to complete a series of smaller achievements in the Eternal Palace raid, located in the Nazjatar zone. Here’s a breakdown of the requirements for each achievement:

  1. You and What Army?: Defeat Abyssal Commander Sivara in the Eternal Palace while all three of her lieutenants are alive and engaged in the fight.
  2. Intro to Marine Biology: Defeat the Blackwater Behemoth in the Eternal Palace after collecting 50 samples of sea life from within the room.
  3. Fun Run: Run six consecutive, complete laps without falling in the water. To track this achievement, watch your debuffs! After running three laps, you will get a debuff  Fun Run “You’re halfway there…” and after running three more laps, you will get another debuff  Fun Run “Completed a full distance Fun Run.” the criteria have been met.
  4. Simple Geometry: Make sure that every cast of  Arcing Azerite goes through Lady Ashvane. If possible, also try and position behind a Coral Growth to destroy it. On normal difficulty, this achievement is pretty easy to do, and with enough dps you can skip the  Arcing Azerite casts from the second Stage 2
  5. A Smack of Jellyfish: Assign a person to catch the baby Zoatroid during the intermission by standing on the platform’s edge outside the boss room. The person who catches the egg will then have to get it down to the boss area while avoiding  Hatchery Moulting and  Eggsplosion during the intermission. The person carrying the egg must not use any abilities, or they will drop it.
  6. If It Pleases the Court: To get Queen’s Favor, you have to perform the correct rituals (emotes) at the Queen’s Court when a certain decree is active: 
    • Form Ranks – /salute Repeat 
    • Performance – /curtsey 
    • Stand Alone – /applause 
    • Deferred Sentence – /grovel 
    • Obey or Suffer – /kneel
  7. Lactose Intolerant: Defeat Za’qul in the Eternal Palace after killing ten Twinklehoof Bovines on Normal difficulty or higher. To open a portal to the secret cow level, you must power up the 6 “runes” on the ground. Players must stand on them in Phase 4, get afflicted by  Manic Dread, and then get dispelled. The  Caustic Delirium on the ground will power up the runes as you can see below. Once all six runes have been powered up, a portal will open in the room. Press the extra action button, and you will be teleported to the secret cow level! From there, you have a limited time to defeat 10 Twinklehoof Bovines.
  8. The Best of Us: Defeat Queen Azshara in the Eternal Palace with only one player alive, and that player must have the  Essence of Azeroth buff on them.

Once players have completed all these achievements and earned the Glory of the Eternal Raider meta-achievement, they will be rewarded with the Azshari Bloatray mount.