Ivory Hawkstrider

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Mount Farming takes 1-2 weeks.

Ivory Hawkstrider Boost Requirements

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 How to get the Ivory Hawkstrider Mount

To obtain the Ivory Hawkstrider mount in World of Warcraft, players must be exalted with Talon’s Vengeance and purchase the mount from Trinket in Highmountain for 10,000 gold. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to get the Ivory Hawkstrider mount:

  1. Access the Faction: To access Talon’s Vengeance, players must first complete one of the four questlines granted by their falcosaur pets – Direbeak Hatchling, Bloodgazer Hatchling, Sharptalon Hatchling, or Snowfeather Hatchling. Only one of the questlines must be completed to gain access to Talon’s Vengeance.
  2. Speak with Aviana: After completing one of the falcosaur questlines, summon the corresponding mount in front of Aviana at Sylvan Falls in Highmountain. Speak to Aviana and select “I will be the talons of vengeance”. This unlocks access to Talon’s Vengeance Quartermaster – Trinket.
  3. Farming Reputation: Reputation with Talon’s Vengeance is only obtained by farming and using Mark of Prey, which grants 100 reputation per mark. There are a few ways to obtain this item:
    • Firstly players must use Ivory Talons or Ivory Feathers to farm Marks of Prey.
    • Farm Marks of Prey from other players in PvP and Falcosaur World Quest areas up until Honored.
    • At Honored, players can farm Marks of Prey in Battlegrounds.
  4. Purchase the Mount: Once players reach exalted status with Talon’s Vengeance, they can purchase the Ivory Hawkstrider mount from Trinket for 10,000 gold.

Here are some tips for farming reputation with Talon’s Vengeance:

  • Save marks in the bank for the Darkmoon Faire and use them when players have the WHEE!, Darkmoon Top Hat, The Spirit of Sharing or similar buffs.
  • While in a raid group, players cannot gain credit for any of the Falcosaur or PvP World Quests, but they can earn Marks of Prey from kills.
  • Mark of Prey is not a currency and takes up bag space – it stacks to 20. These marks have NO USE after getting to Exalted.
  • WILL stack with Fire-Watcher’s Oath, simultaneously allowing you to obtain Mark of Prey and Bloody Coin.