Lil’ Donkey

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 How to Get the Lil’ Donkey Mount

The Lil’ Donkey mount is a unique and adorable donkey companion that can be obtained by defeating the rare Overseer Krix in Arathi Highlands. Follow this comprehensive guide to learn how to acquire the Lil’ Donkey mount and add it to your collection.

Find Overseer Krix:

Overseer Krix is a rare located in the Drywhisker Mine subzone of the Arathi Highlands zone. You can find the entrance to the mine at coordinates [51, 42].

Note: The location of Overseer Krix depends on the current phase of the Arathi Highlands Warfront. Make sure you are in the correct phase.

Defeat Overseer Krix:

Engage Overseer Krix in combat and defeat the kobold rare.

Obtain the Lil’ Donkey Mount:

After defeating Overseer Krix, there is a chance for the Lil’ Donkey mount to drop as a reward. The drop rate is not guaranteed, so be prepared for multiple attempts if necessary. Loot the mount from Overseer Krix’s remains if you are fortunate enough to have it drop. Congratulations on obtaining the Lil’ Donkey mount!

Tips and notes:

It’s important to note that Overseer Krix and the Lil’ Donkey Mount are tied to the Arathi Highlands Warfront cycle. This means the rare and associated loot will reset after each warfront cycle control switch. Keep an eye on the Warfront cycle to know when Overseer Krix will respawn and when you can make additional attempts to obtain the Lil’ Donkey mount.

As with any rare mount, obtaining the Lil’ Donkey requires perseverance and luck. The drop rate may be low, and it may take multiple attempts to acquire the mount finally. Stay determined, continue engaging Overseer Krix whenever it becomes available, and eventually, your efforts will be rewarded.