WoW PvE Coaching

We highly recommend our coaching sessions to new players and seasoned WoW veterans alike. If you are a new player, you will reach a high level of play faster than your peers and get to the desirable goal quicker than you would on your own. But even if you ‘ve been playing World of Warcraft for years, there is always room to learn. You can explore new aspects of your class and combat mechanics or polish your skills in an area of content you don ‘t have much experience with.

Whether you opt for a raid or Mythic+ coaching, you ‘ll get all the info about aspects of the game you are interested in straight from the best World of Warcraft players. Our coaches will do their best to share as much information about the aspect of the game you selected but be brief enough as to not overwhelm you with unnecessary details.

Don ‘t miss out on the chance to become a better WoW player with our help!

PvE coaching Includes

Coaching will be done via playing Heroic raid or Mythic+ Dungeons. With voice (Discord or Skype or TeamSpeak) and includes an explanation of PvE aspects and also some deep mechanics of your class, such as rotation, the best time to burst in every encounter etc.

The raid or Mythic+ team will do most of the mechanics for you to create a fun and comfortable experience, but the coach will still explain everything you want to know and focus on the most important abilities.

To summarize, during each of our coaching sessions, you ‘ll get:

  1. An ability to participate in the clearing of SoD on Heroic difficulty (in Personal loot mode) or a Mythic+ 15 dungeon while being in the voice channel with your personal coach. The price of a SoD Heroic run or Mythic+15 run is included.
  2. Advice regarding the ways you can improve your character ‘s gear / talents / legendary / Soulbinds for raiding or Mythic+.
  3. A brief overview on the addons that our raiders and Mythic teams use in their runs.
  4. Raid or Mythic+ encounters explained in detail and step-by-step as well as advice on how to play to beat them efficiently and consistently.
  5. Full analysis of bosses ‘ abilities with a focus on the most important abilities.
  6. A post-fight analysis, to improve your understanding of fight timing and burst tactics.
  7. Our coach will watch you during the fight and, if they notice you making a mistake, they will help you to fix it.

Also at your request, you can get help with:

  • Learning about dungeon bosses, mechanics and strategy in other raids or dungeons;
  • Learning of affixes, tactics and tricks for each weekly and seasonal affix in Mythic+;
  • Learning of noteworthy mobs ‘ abilities;
  • Analyzing a dungeon of your choice in detail: both in theory and practice;
  • Share the custom WeakAuras that our raiders and Mythic players use to clear SoD and Mythic+ dungeons;
  • Run planning and Pulling strategy;
  • Choosing optimal routes for in-time Mythic runs;
  • Mythic+ debuffs compendium for healers.

This boost will be completed in Wow Pve Coaching | Buy BoostSelf-Play mode.

How Long Does it Take?

Each Heroic raid session takes 2-2.5 hours. Includes a full SoD Heroic run.

Each Mythic+ session takes 1 hour.  Includes Mythic+15 run within the time limit.

Please note that our SoD Heroic raid groups run on a fixed schedule and make sure that you will be able to be present in the run by checking our Event Schedule. Also, if you buy multiple Raid sessions, they are likely to be scheduled during different days or even weeks. You can always contact our Customer Support if you need to reschedule any of your runs.

The Breakdown of a Coaching Session

Before We Start

We will ask you to come 20 minutes before the start so we can meet each other, take a look on how we can tune up your character ‘s talents, gear, Soulbinds, legendaries. If you don ‘t use all the addons which are useful in raiding or Mythic dungeons, our coaches will also give you a list of the addons you should be playing with.

During the Session

Depending on your choice, you will either clear a full SoD Heroic on Heroic difficulty while being in group and voice channel with your personal coach. Before or at the start of the run the coach will briefly tell you about the dungeon, which buffs and debuffs you should get or avoid during each fight and

The coach will give an in-depth explanation of tactics for each fight, share important information, as well as  tips and secrets of the encounters and his insight into the mechanics of the fights. During the run, they will also give you general advice regarding the ways you can interact with each mechanic to benefit from them. You will also get some loot during the raid run.

After the Session

We understand that coaching gives you a ton of information over a short period of time. Should you have any questions during the next day after the session, our coach will happily get in touch and answer them all. Additionally, our coach will record the session and share the recording with you at your request.


You have to be ready to communicate with our team. Please, make sure that you have one of the voice comms set up and are ready to use it. You can choose between Skype, Discord, or TeamSpeak.

Your average gear level has to be 220+ . You can use our PvE gear boost if you don't meet this requirement.

It is recommended to know the basics of playing your class and role.


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