Conqueror’s Scythemaw

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Conqueror’s Scythemaw Mount Boost Service Includes

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Mount farming takes 1 week to complete

Conqueror’s Scythemaw Boost Requirements

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 How to Get the Conqueror’s Scythemaw Mount

The Conqueror’s Scythemaw mount is obtained by completing a series of World PvP achievements for the Conqueror of Azeroth with War Mode on. This meta achievement awards you with the mount and the title “Conqueror of Azeroth.”

The Requirements for the Conqueror of Azeroth Meta Achievement:

  1. Complete all 6 Tour of Duty achievements:
  2. War Supplied:
    • Open a War Supply Crate from an air supply drop (Note: You need to be the first one actually to open the chest to get this achievement)
  3. Bounty Hunting:
    • Loot ten bounties from slain players
  4. Band of Brothers:
    • In a group of 2-5 people: get an honorable kill, complete Rare Elite World Quest, loot a player bounty, and also loot a War Supply Chest

Note that all of these achievements must be completed with War Mode on.

Tips for Obtaining the Conqueror’s Scythemaw:

Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind as you work towards obtaining the Conqueror’s Scythemaw mount:

  • Keep Victory in Wintergrasp (weekly PvP quest) on you, and do not turn it in. You can select an area of your liking to turn it in and get the appropriate “Tour of Duty” achievement this way for free.
  • Be sure to watch for War Supply Chests and be the first to open them to obtain the War Supplied achievement.
  • Remember to loot bounties from slain players to work towards the Bounty Hunting achievement.