Dauntless Duskrunner

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 How to get The Dauntless Duskrunner Mount

The Dauntless Duskrunner mount rewards players who put in the effort to progress through the different features of their chosen covenant in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands. Each covenant has a unique way of obtaining the mount, and in this guide, we will go through the process of acquiring the mount for each covenant.

Kyrian Covenant

To obtain the Dauntless Duskrunner mount as a Kyrian, players will need to participate in the Path of Ascension. This feature can be accessed in Elysian Hold after completing the campaign storyline in Bastion. Players must work through the different difficulties in the Path of Ascension, with the mount being a reward for defeating Azaruux on Wisdom difficulty.

Necrolord Covenant

For Necrolords, the mount can be obtained by earning an exalted reputation with the Stitchmasters and then purchasing it from Atticus in Maldraxxus for 5,000 Reservoir Anima. Reputation is earned by completing weekly quests that involve constructs crafted with abomination stitching.

Night Fae Covenant

To obtain the mount as a Night Fae, players will need to incubate a Divine Dutiful Spirit with four Wildseed Root Grains. The Wildseed Root Grain can be looted from Queen’s Conservatory Cache, which can be unlocked by progressing through the Queen’s Conservatory feature in Ardenweald. This feature can be unlocked by completing the campaign storyline in Ardenweald.

Venthyr Covenant

Finally, the Dauntless Duskrunner mount can be obtained as a Venthyr by participating in the Ember Court feature with the RSVP: Mikanikos and RSVP: Polemarch Adrestes. This feature can be accessed in Revendreth after completing the campaign storyline. Players will need to collect the required materials and put on a successful event to earn Mikanikos’ Extravagant Tribute, which has a chance to contain the mount.

It’s worth noting that all covenants have only a chance to obtain the Dauntless Duskrunner mount, except for the Necrolord covenant, which is guaranteed to succeed after meeting the requirements.